pages is a really awesome website/tool for pet, mount -and recipe collectors. The website lists the cheapest items on every server with a single click on the search button. This is especially useful to (TCG) collectors who are willing to transfer to another server to get some of the cheapest deals possible. It's of course also useful as a price guide for items, as it gives you a quick idea of how much an item is worth. They're planning to expand the website to include every in-game item possible, but for now they've launched with pets, mounts and recipes only. Their website is 100% legit and free to use, no user accounts are required!

WoW Scan FAQ

What is WoW Scan?

WoW Scan is a new tool for World of Warcraft that scans auction house data for all European and American realms and posts the results on its website in a searchable format.

What can it be used for?

WoW Scan serves as an informative price comparison guide between different realms as well as a powerful tool for making gold. Our website does not only allow you to view the prices on a single server, but also the prices on all servers together in a single list. This is especially useful to make profit by buying items at the cheapest rates possible and selling them again for a much higher price on another realm. Or perhaps you're trying to complete your pet, mount, recipe or tabard collection, but have difficulties doing so on your own realm? Some valuable items may be very scarce or overpriced on lower populated realms. WoW Scan offers you a helping hand, though a character or guild bank transfer will be needed in most cases. Please visit our transfer guide to find out more.

How is the data on the website obtained?

WoW Scan makes excessive use of data provided by Blizzard through their official Web API. Auction House data is fetched by our website and saved into a cache which updates every few hours.

Are the item search results updated realtime?

Unfortunately it is not possible to update search results realtime. This is due to Blizzard only allowing a set amount of data requests per day. Currently the data is refreshed approximately every three hours, but we're communicating with Blizzard to allow additional requests per day. We hope to have the data update every hour in the very near future.

Is the website free to use?

Yes, WoW Scan is absolutely free to use and it will always be.

Can I create a user account on this website?

WoW Scan has its mind set on ease of access and therefore we currently do not offer the option to create an account on our website. However, we might allow user accounts to be created in the future when additional features are being released.

I like WoW Scan! Can I help?

Thank you for showing interest in our website. The development team of does not need any help at this time. However, you can contribute to our website in various other ways; we appreciate feedback and suggestions and we will improve the website and its features based on constructive user feedback. Furthermore, you can help us by spreading the word and recommending the website to friends and other World of Warcraft players. You could also follow or "like" us on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Please use the header navigation icons for links. We have plans to run contests for our loyal subscribers in the near future.

My firewall pops an alert for this website...

This website makes use of JavaScript in its source code, so it sometimes happens a virus scanner or firewall pops a false positive. Do not fear, our website is 100% legitimate and safe. You may view the source code of the website at any time if you feel suspicious. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you still have any other suspicious thoughts or questions. It is okay, we'll be happy to help and answer you. There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. :-)

HELP! The website is broken!

Please make sure your web browser allows JavaScript. Our website will not function if JavaScript is blocked or disabled. For other errors, bugs or difficulties, please contact us.

I have another question...

Please use the contact form (mail icon) at the top of the page to get in touch with us. If you wish to speak to someone directly in-game, that's possible - but please understand that we are regular (raiding) gamers too, so please check what we are doing before whispering us. You may talk to Kindri or Slarith on the European realm "Darksorrow - Alliance".

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