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High-Shaman Rakjak
Faction/Affiliation Independent, Frenzyheart Tribe
Character classes Warrior, Hunter, Shaman
Racial leader(s) Various chieftains
Homeworld Azeroth
Area(s) Northrend (Sholazar Basin, Howling Fjord, Dragonblight)

The wolvar are a primitive race of wolverine-like humanoids who inhabit the frozen continent of Northrend, and their tribes can be found in the Howling Fjord, Dragonblight, Zul'Drak and Sholazar Basin. Despite their smaller stature, the wolvar are some of the most aggressive creatures in Northrend. This often makes their curious nature intimidating.[1] Brann Bronzebeard believes they may be derived from a badger Ancient of some kind, but cannot confirm it due to the Tribunal of Ages entry being corrupted.[2]

The perhaps most famous wolvar tribe is the Frenzyheart Tribe, who have settled in Sholazar Basin due to being driven from their lands by the undead Scourge. Unlike most other tribes, who tend to be territorial and hostile to outsiders, the Frenzyheart are some of the calmest wolvar in Northrend,[3] and are willing to work with adventurers of the Alliance and Horde in the fight against their mortal enemies, the collection of gorloc tribes known only as the Oracles.

The wolvar are derogatorily referred to as puppy-men by the gorlocs.

Wolvar called wolfoids can be summoned by Ambermill Witchaloks in Silverpine Forest.


Shoveltusk shrine

A shoveltusk shrine on Cauldros Isle, home to the Howling tribe.

The wolvar are generally hostile to other races and are fierce fighters that do not hesitate to defend their territory. Each tribe has its own independent leader and goals, but they are sometimes capable of diplomatic relationships with outsiders. Most wolvar shun arcane magic and instead focus on being warriors, hunters or shaman,[4] and though they may appear primitive at first glance, the tribal leaders of the wolvar are often very powerful in the latter discipline.[5]


  • The fierce wolvar hunt the ill-tempered rhinos for their horns, which are then carved into talismans and other trinkets.[6]
  • Wolvar are known to keep domesticated chickens to eat as food.[7]


The wolvar appear to worship different creatures for one reason or another, most notably the yeti known as Kartak the Abominable. They also seem to worship shoveltusks, proto-dragons and even robots, as shrines and altars to these creatures can be found in many of their villages.


Wolvar Raneman

Concept art by Glenn Rane.

Name Role Affiliation Status Location
Neutral IconSmall Wolvar Chief Rageclaw Chieftain of the Rageclaw tribe Rageclaw tribe Alive Light's Breach, Zul'Drak
Neutral IconSmall Wolvar Dajik the Wasp Hunter Frenzyheart wasp hunter Frenzyheart Tribe Alive Sholazar Basin
Neutral IconSmall Wolvar Elder Harkek Frenzyheart elder Frenzyheart Tribe Alive Frenzyheart Hill, Sholazar Basin
Neutral IconSmall Wolvar Elder Shaman Moky Rageclaw shaman Rageclaw tribe Alive Light's Breach, Zul'Drak
Neutral IconSmall Wolvar Goregek the Gorilla Hunter Frenzyheart gorilla hunter Frenzyheart Tribe Alive Sholazar Basin
Mob IconSmall Wolvar High Shaman Bloodpaw High shaman of the Bloodpaw tribe Bloodpaw tribe Killable Eldritch Heights, Dragonblight
Neutral IconSmall Wolvar High-Shaman Rakjak High shaman of the Frenzyheart tribe Frenzyheart Tribe Alive Frenzyheart Hill, Sholazar Basin
Mob IconSmall Wolvar Howling Wolvar Chieftain Chieftain of the Howling tribe Howling tribe Killable Cauldros Isle, Howling Fjord
Neutral IconSmall Wolvar Kekek Frenzyheart orphan Frenzyheart Tribe Alive Eventide, Dalaran
Mob IconSmall Wolvar Loguhn Chieftain of the Snowfall tribe Snowfall tribe Killable Snowfall Glade, Dragonblight
Neutral IconSmall Wolvar Rejek Youngest warrior of the Frenzyheart tribe Frenzyheart Tribe Alive Frenzyheart Hill, Sholazar Basin
Neutral IconSmall Wolvar Shaman Jakjek Frenzyheart shaman Frenzyheart Tribe Alive Kartak's Hold, Sholazar Basin
Neutral IconSmall Wolvar Tracker Gekgek Frenzyheart hunter Frenzyheart Tribe Alive Skyreach Pillar, Sholazar Basin
Mob IconSmall Wolvar Warlord Tartek Stole the Inv misc orb 01 [Mistwhisper Treasure] from the Mistwhisper gorlocs Frenzyheart Tribe Killable Spearborn Encampment, Sholazar Basin
Neutral IconSmall Wolvar Zepik the Gorloc Hunter Frenzyheart gorloc hunter, later captured by Artruis the Heartless Frenzyheart Tribe Alive The Sundered Shard, Sholazar Basin


Wolvar concept

Concept art by Mark Gibbons.

As a companion pet[]

Main article: Curious Wolvar Pup

Achievement reputation wolvar [Curious Wolvar Pup] is mailed to the player after completing N [10-70] Back To The Orphanage during Children's Week.

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