Woods' End Cabin.

Woods' End Cabin[57.5, 75.6] (or Wood's End Cabin)[1] is a building found in the western section of the Blackwald in Gilneas. During the Forsaken invasion, the night elves and Gilneans moved the Scythe of Elune to one of the many safe locations, in this case to Wood's End Cabin. Unfortunately, the Dark Rangers found it, so an adventurer was sent there to retrieve it. Once there, the adventurer used the Horn of Tal'doren to call for Tobias Mistmantle and his worgen to fight the Forsaken rangers while he retrieved the artifact that was inside a Worn Coffer.[2]


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Before the invasion of Gilneas, the Wolf Cult based out of a cabin in the Blackwald. Woods' End Cabin could be this place.

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