Woody Seed Cluster (quest)

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NeutralWoody Seed Cluster
Start  [Woody Seed Cluster]
End Professor Pallin
Level 108 (Requires 108)
Category Inscription
Experience 16,170
Rewards [Recipe: Mass Mill Foxflower]
18g 60s


Bring the Woody Seed Cluster to Professor Pallin in Dalaran.


<Attempting to mill this flower has proven more difficult than usual. Located in the bushy center of the bloom is a densely-packed cluster of seeds.>

<Professor Pallin would be interested in seeing this.>


You will learn the following: [Recipe: Mass Mill Foxflower]

You will also receive: 18g 60s


This came from a  [Foxflower]? Fascinating.

You know, we can use these woody cores to our advantage. If you mill a woody flower along with several softer flowers, you can speed up your process dramatically! Watch this...



The quest starter item has chance to be looted while milling Foxflowers.


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