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Title Broadback
Gender Male
Race Ogre
Affiliation(s) Gordunni clan
Location Dire Maul
Status Deceased
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Wordok was an ogre of the Dire Maul Gordunni clan. He was sent into the forest of Feralas to bring new slaves for King Gordok's gladiatorial fights. At some point, he and Marjuk attacked the Woodpaw gnolls. Upon killing their leadership, several gnolls were captured. Later, he caught Hackle. He previously killed Hackle's father, Jawstretcher. Together with Marjuk and Arkus, they climbed the Skypeak and stole One-Eye's cubs to force the wyvern to fight in the arena.[1]

Some time afterwards, he and his team stumbled upon Aramar Thorne and Makasa Flintwill. They nicknamed him Broadback because of his appearance. Broadback captured Aram and the druid Thalyss Greyoak and returned to King Gordok in Dire Maul with his prize and lied to him that these two killed three of his ogres - Kerskull, Bordok and Kronk - to prove they were worth to join the other slaves. He then oversaw the gladiatorial match between Aram and the gnoll Hackle. In the ensuing chaos caused by rebellious slaves in the wake of Gordok's death by the hand of Malus, Wordok rushed to join the fights, smashing the tauren Woolbeard and murlocs, causing Murky to jump on him and cover his eyes. The ogre caught Murky and tried to tear him, but Makasa stabbed Wordok who collapsed. Wordok removed the skate and yet tried to attack Makasa, but was tripped by Hackle who ended his life with ogre's own war club.[2] Hackle then took the war club with him.


  • According to Zathra, Aram was captured by ogres from a branch of the Gordunni clan. It is very likely the Gordok upper class.