For the Horde version, see H [10-30] Words of Power.
AllianceWords of Power
Start Thassarian
End Thassarian
Level 72
Category Borean Tundra
Experience 20300
Reputation +250 Valiance Expedition
Rewards 5g
Previous A [10-30] Buying Some Time
Next A [10-30] Last Rites


Thassarian at the Wailing Ziggurat wants you to go to the Temple City of En'kilah and retrieve High Priest Talet-Kha's Scroll from the Spire of Pain, High Priest Naferset's Scroll from the Spire of Decay and High Priest Andorath's Scroll at the Spire of Blood.


The lich has spoken, <name>. The high priests of En'kilah hold the secret to entering Naxxanar.

Go to the Spire of Blood, the Spire of Pain and the Spire of Decay and slay each of the priests.

Return once you've obtained the three scrolls.


You will receive: 5g


Taking your time, are you? I don't know how much longer I can keep this lich restrained.


Excellent work, <name>. Now for one last bit of information.


  1. A [10-30] Word on the Street
  2. A [10-30] Thassarian, My Brother
  3. A [10-30] The Late William Allerton
  4. A [10-30] Lost and Found
  5. A [10-30] In Wine, Truth
  6. A [10-30] A Deserter
  7. A [10-30] Cowards and Fools
  8. A [10-30] The Son of Karkut
  9. A [10-30] Surrounded!
  10. A [10-30] Thassarian, the Death Knight

Last Rites

  1. A [10-30] Finding the Phylactery
  2. A [10-30] Buying Some Time
  3. A [72] Words of Power
  4. A [10-30] Last Rites

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