Work Order are jobs placed with NPCs in order to gain a form of resource. Jobs are completed in real time. They were first introduced in Warlords of Draenor as a mechanic for producing limited quantities of crafted materials and have since been recycled for profession recipe discovery and the production of mission table troops.

A Work Order is also a type of world quest where crafted items are turned in for a reward.

WoD Garrison Buildings

Building Input Output
Herb Garden 5x  [Draenic Seeds] Various Draenor Herbs
Lunarfall Excavation
Frostwall Mine
5x  [Draenic Stone] Draenor Ores
Alchemy Lab 5x  [Frostweed]  [Alchemical Catalyst]
Enchanter's Study 5x  [Draenic Dust]  [Fractured Temporal Crystal]
Engineering Works 2x  [True Iron Ore] & 2x  [Blackrock Ore]  [Gearspring Parts]
The Forge 5x  [True Iron Ore] 1x  [Truesteel Ingot]
Gem Boutique 5x  [Blackrock Ore] 1x  [Taladite Crystal]
Scribe's Quarters 40x  [Cerulean Pigment] 5x  [War Paints]
Tailoring Emporium 20x  [Sumptuous Fur] 5x  [Hexweave Cloth]
The Tannery 20x  [Raw Beast Hide] 4x  [Burnished Leather]
Barn Captured beasts from Nagrand Raw Beast Hide (amount varies by beast), Sumptuous Fur (amount varies by beast), meat (type varies by beast), Savage Blood (elite beasts, level 3 only)
Lumber Mill 10x Timber 20x [Garrison Resources]
Trading Post ~10 of a random raw tradeskill material (herbs, ore, et cetera) 100x [Garrison Resources]
Dwarven Bunker/War Mill 20x [Garrison Resources] Follower weapons and armor and  [Iron Horde Scraps]
Shipyard [Garrison Resources] and Oil Various ships for Fleet Command Table missions


Use Input
Nomi discovering cooking recipes 6x Legion Cooking ingredients
Tier 1 troops for Class Hall Missions [Order Resources]
Tier 2 troops for Class Hall Missions [Order Resources]
Tier 3 troops for Class Hall Missions [Order Resources]
Champion Equipment for Class Hall Followers [Order Resources]
Consumable World Quest instant-completion item [Order Resources]
[Seal of Broken Fate] [Order Resources]

Battle for Azeroth

Use Input
Troops for War Table Missions [War Resources]