NeutralWorking for the Living
Start Au'narim
End Au'narim
Level 53 (Requires 53)
Category Maldraxxus
Experience 7,200
Reputation +135 The Undying Army
Rewards 36g 50s 40c
Previous N [54] Leave Me a Loan
Next N [53] A Sure Bet

Khogov The Expunger


Shattered Grove secured and Khogov the Expunger captured.


I see you are wondering where we acquire all of the challengers we supply to this arena.

We scour countless realms in search of opponents to provide the Maldraxxi with firsthand combat experience.

Currently, I am in the process of procuring a new combatant--and with it, a lucrative betting opportunity.

Would you make use of our portal and assist Zo'umlo in capturing Khogov the Expunger? You will be appropriately compensated, of course.


You will receive:


Have you successfully captured Khogov the Expunger?


Competing in the arena is but one way to contribute to this venture. There are many other tasks to perform, as well.


Arriving in the Shattered Grove
Zo'umlo says: Outsider, secure this area while I locate the specimen.
Defeating Khogov the Expunger
Zo'umlo says: Excellent, Au'narim will be pleased.
Zo'umlo says: I shall immediately transport the creature to the arena.
On completion
Au'narim says: I look forward to future profitable arrangements.


  1. Optional breadcrumb N [53] I Could Be A Contender
  2. Complete both:
    1. N [53] Stuff We All Get & N [53] Team Spirit
    2. N [53] Test Your Mettle
    1. N [52] Juicing Up
    2. N [53] Side Effects
    3. N [60D] Theater of Pain: Help Wanted (optional)
  3. N [53] This Thing of Ours
  4. N [54] Leave Me a Loan
  5. N [53] Working for the Living
  6. N [53] A Sure Bet
  7. N [53G5] The Ladder

Beta version

Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.

I see you wondering, where do all these challengers for the arena come from?

I scour the known cosmos in search of opponents, that allow the Maldraxxi, to gain first hand combat experience.

I am making an arrangement right now to acquire a new opponent, and with it a lucrative betting opportunity. Would you use our Broker Portal and assist Jumlo in capturing Khogov The Expunger?

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