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World of Warcraft: Atlas Gift Pack
World of Warcraft- Atlas Gift Pack
Author(s) BradyGames
Pages 192
Publisher(s) BradyGames
Publication date December 31, 2005
Format(s) Hardcover
ISBN 10 0744006961
ISBN 13 978-0744006964

Description from Amazon[]

The ultimate gift for your favorite Azeroth adventurer, BradyGames' World of Warcraft: Atlas Gift Pack includes the following:

  • Eight exclusive full-color bookmarks, one for each race: Human, Night Elf, Dwarf, and Gnome (Alliance), as well as Orc, Troll, Undead, and Tauren (Horde). Each bookmark shows the race and a character image on the front, and has the race description and coat of arms on the back. Standing a full 8 1/2 inches tall, these sturdy bookmarks will secure your place in the extensively cross-referenced Atlas.
  • The World of WarCraft Atlas , a comprehensive hardcover resource detailing each area of this expansive MMORPG. Maps are provided for every area including all regions and major cities. Each illustration shows critical locations and characters such as NPCs, enemies, mobs, shops, merchants, flight points, entry and exit points from regions and where they lead. As an added bonus, cross-referenced indices of all information are also provided for ease of use.

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