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World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic Deluxe Edition
BC Classic Deluxe Edition
Developer(s) Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher(s) Blizzard Entertainment
Platforms Microsoft Windows, macOS
Release May 18, 2021[1]

The World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic Deluxe Edition included additional in-game goodies for World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic and a mount for retail World of Warcraft. It was priced at $69.99 USD.[1]

As of September 2022, this edition is no longer available for purchase.[2]


  • The contents of the Dark Portal Pass, which boosts one character to level 58
  • 30 days of World of Warcraft game time, providing access to WoW Classic, Burning Crusade Classic, and the modern game
  • The Inv warpstalkermountbc [Reawakened Phase-Hunter] mount, a creature that draws on the otherworldly energies that transformed Draenor into Outland, for use only in Burning Crusade Classic and designed to match the look of the original expansion
  • The Inv warpstalkermount [Viridian Phase-Hunter] mount, a variant for use in modern World of Warcraft (including Shadowlands) and reflecting the game’s current visual style
  • The Spell fire felfire [Path of Illidan] toy for Burning Crusade Classic, which causes your character’s footsteps to leave flickering fel fire in their wake for a short time
  • A Achievement dungeon outland dungeonmaster [Dark Portal] Hearthstone for use in Burning Crusade Classic, providing a unique visual effect inspired by the gateway between worlds