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World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 2
World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume 2
Author(s) Blizzard Entertainment (Chris Metzen, Matt Burns, Robert Brooks)
Artist(s) Peter Lee, Joseph Lacroix, Alex Horley
Pages 201
Publisher(s) Dark Horse Books
Publication date March 14, 2017
Format(s) Hardcover, Digital
Retail price US: 35.99
UK: £27.17
ISBN 10 1616558466
ISBN 13 978-1616558468
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World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 2 is the second installment of the World of Warcraft: Chronicle series. It covers the history of Draenor and the events of the First and Second Wars, and ends with Draenor's destruction.


Blizzard Entertainment and Dark Horse Books are thrilled to present the next installment of the wildly popular World of Warcraft Chronicle series. Volume 2 will reveal more sought-after details about the game universe's history and mythology. Showcasing lush, all-new artwork from fan favorites such as Peter Lee, Joseph Lacroix, and Alex Horley, this tome is sure to please all fans--casual and collector alike.[1]


World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 2 is divided into the following sections:

Subjects covered[]

Volume 2 covers the major events from ancient Draenor through the end of the Second War and Draenor's destruction. The book is not written by an in-game character.[2] It doesn't have a timeline, but dates are throughout the book. It contains several maps that explain territorial boundaries through various ages.

The following are some of the subjects covered in Volume 2:



The following are mentioned in the book's index but never appear in the actual text.


  • According to Matt Burns, Chronicle Volume 2 has a very high-up view of the first great wars compared to the original games so their unmentioned battles and events still could have happened.[3][4]
  • The island of Balor was intentionally left out of the maps because Blizzard didn't want to nail down its definitive location yet.[5]
  • The banners of Stromgarde and Alterac in the art piece depicting Turalyon rallying the Council of Seven Nations are lifted directly from a fan-recreation of the Warcraft 2 depictions of these kingdom's flags from an artist known as Lost-in-Concept. In both cases, the depiction appears to have been directly lifted into the art piece and slightly painted over. This is most visible in the case of the Stromgarde banners, whose eagle was represented by Lost-in-Concept using the model of the Inv axe 10 [Grand Marshal's Sunderer], which is still very clearly visible.

Retcons and inconsistencies[]

  • Aegwynn and Arcanagos originally went to Karazhan to confront Medivh separately on two different occasions. Chronicle Volume 2 combined the two events and also established a friendship between Aegwynn and Arcanagos.
  • Originally, it was stated that Thrall was born in Year 0.[6] Chronicle Vol. 2 changed it to Year 1.
  • Originally, Durotan and Draka met Orgrim Doomhammer in Hillsbrad Foothills in Lordaeron in year 0.[7][8][9] Chronicle Volume 2 changed this to have occurred in year 1 on the edge of Loch Modan.
  • Originally, Llane was said to be assassinated in Year 4. Lothar then concedes that the war is lost and begins gathering people, ships, and supplies from the entire kingdom.[10][11] Llane's assassination, refugees' escape and the official end of the First War is now in Year 3.
  • Originally, Garad was said to have been killed in a battle against ogres and gronn.[12] The Chronicle says that Garad was consumed by the red pox.
  • In Rise of the Horde, the Bladewind clan was noted to oppose Ner'zhul's commands to wage war on the draenei, whilst Chronicle has them as fierce enemies of the draenei from day 1.[13] Chronicle also has the Bladewind clan wiped out by the draenei, but Beyond the Dark Portal mentions they fought alongside the Redwalker clan against the Warsong clan during the second war, and later joined the Horde of Draenor.[14][15]
  • Prior lore had Garona's conception as the result of a breeding experiment by Gul'dan with one of his followers and a draenei captive.[16] In Chronicle, the Mag'har orc clans, such as the Bladewind clan, frequently kidnapped draenei females, with Garona being one of the results of these assaults.
  • There seems to be an inconsistency given the Chronicle's timeline, Garona would be recognized as a skilled fighter and linguist at the age of 3 while staying with the Bladewind clan.
  • It was originally stated by several sources that the events of the webcomic Blackhand — wherein Blackhand is engulfed by the elements upon attempting to retrieve the Doomhammer from a pool of lava, leaving him disfigured and with a hand of molten stone — were canonical for the main universe as well. However, Chronicle Volume 2 artwork depicts him as similar to his design in the Warcraft movie, with full hair and a tattooed black hand instead of a stone one. Matt Burns explained that Blizzard had ultimately decided to move away from Blackhand's Warlords of Draenor design and backstory; the main universe Blackhand still helped Orgrim retrieve the Doomhammer, but he was not consumed by fire.[17][18]
  • During The Burning Crusade, the name "Furies" was exclusively used as a title for the four most powerful elementals on Draenor (Aborius, Gordawg, Incineratus and Kalandrios). Warlords of Draenor changed "furies" to be the name used for all Draenic elementals.[19][20][21] Chronicle Volume 2 returned to the original definition of Aborius, Gordawg, Incineratus and Kalandrios being the only Furies.
  • It was originally stated that Gul'dan was originally a member of the Shadowmoon clan and became a servant of Kil'jaeden during the course of Rise of the Horde, after Ner'zhul discovered the truth behind Rulkan's spirit. The Harbingers video series instead depicted the alternate Gul'dan as hailing from an unnamed clan which he destroyed after being empowered by the Legion, with no mention of Ner'zhul or the Shadowmoon. Chronicle Volume 2 reconciled the two and confirmed the Harbingers episode to be main universe canon by establishing that Gul'dan first became a servant of the Legion, destroyed his former clan and then proceeded to join the Shadowmoon clan and become the apprentice of Ner'zhul, allowing Kil'jaeden to begin manipulating the elder shaman.
  • Artwork of Alleria does not show her wielding Thas'dorah, even though the book came out after Legion and used the in-game appearance for another artifact, the Jeweled Scepter of Sargeras, in art of Ner'zhul.
  • The involvement and chronology of events with Blackrock Mountain were changed. In Tides of Darkness, Orgrim invaded Blackrock Spire when Zuluhed sensed a power there, and the Dragonmaw chieftain led them there after Gul'dan provided the Horde with death knights. The Horde also killed Dark Iron dwarves that they encountered in there. In Chronicle, Orgrim led the Horde into the Spire because Garona revealed it to be the hideout of the Shadow Council. While Orgrim killed majority of the warlocks, he found Cho'gall who introduced him to the Dark Iron dwarves who allowed the Horde to take the spire as base.


Charts and maps[]



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