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World of Warcraft: Complete Collection
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Developer(s) Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher(s) Blizzard Entertainment
Platforms Microsoft Windows, macOS
Genre(s) Collection

The World of Warcraft: Complete Collection included World of Warcraft and the expansions up to Battle for Azeroth.

With the release of Shadowlands, the Complete Collection was removed from the shop.

Official description[]

Your Next Adventure Begins Here - "From the wilds of Feralas to the parapets of Stormwind Keep, Azeroth is packed with thrilling adventures you've yet to encounter. Become a master alchemist, take command of a garrison, or climb to the top ranks of PvP players worldwide. Join millions of mighty heroes in a world of myth, magic, and endless excitement. Infinite experiences await. The Complete Collection includes World of Warcraft and all seven expansions, 30 days of game time, a level 110 Character Boost, along with your pre-purchase of Battle for Azeroth."


Since pre-orders became available for Shadowlands, the collection also included the following, depending on the selection:

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