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Dragonflight logo.png
World of Warcraft: Dragonflight
Developer(s) Blizzard Entertainment
Team 2
Publisher(s) Blizzard Entertainment
Platforms Microsoft Windows, macOS
Release On or before December 31, 2022.[1]
Genre(s) Expansion pack
Mode(s) Multiplayer
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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight (shortened DF) is the upcoming ninth expansion for World of Warcraft set primarily in the eponymous region of the Dragon Isles. The expansion was officially revealed on 19 April 2022. On 21 June 2022, it was revealed that the expansion will be available on or before 31 December 2022.[2]


"The dragonflights of Azeroth have returned, called upon to defend their ancestral home, the Dragon Isles. Surging with elemental magic and the life energies of Azeroth, the Isles are awakening once more, and it's up to you to explore their primordial wonder and discover long-forgotten secrets."[3]





Eight new dungeons.[4] The currently known dungeons for the expansion are:

  • Neltharus - fight to reclaim the stronghold of the black dragonflight
  • Uldaman - Revamped from its Classic state, with previously unknown chambers
  • The Life Pools - life pools of the red dragonflight, where their sacred oath to the titans was put forth


  • Venture into the ancient prison of the Primal Incarnates before their malevolent power can be unleashed against the Dragon Aspects.

Systems and rewards

  • [Renown] system previously used for Covenants applied to the four main reputations for this expansion with a number of reputation levels to unlock questlines and cosmetics with the important difference to Covenants being not having to pick one. Two of those four factions are Valdrakken Accord and Dragonscale Expedition.[5]
  • Timewalking Campaigns will allow leveling to 60 with new players still going to Battle for Azeroth content and Shadowlands content being added as an option for alts.
  • Transmog will open to common and poor quality items, either with the expansion or before.
  • Converting Solo Shuffle PvP Brawl into a Rated Solo Queue Battlegrounds system.

Race and class changes

Prominent figures

New figures

Returning figures




Pre-order options

Base option

Main article: World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Base Edition
  • World of Warcraft: Dragonflight digital license
  • Drakks pet (pre-purchase only, no longer obtainable after the expansion releases)

Heroic edition

Main article: World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Heroic Edition

Epic edition

Main article: World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Epic Edition

Collector's edition

Main article: World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Collector's Edition
  • Everything in the Epic Edition, plus:
    • The Art of Dragonflight
    • Alexstrasza Mouse Pad
    • Dragonflight Five-Pin Collector's Set

System requirements

Main article: System requirements


  • Dragonflight has been described as an exploration-themed expansion, with comparisons drawn to Mists of Pandaria.[9]
  • Dragonflight will have a "big bad" as an antagonist, but who/what this is will not be known initially.[10] This is also similar to Mists of Pandaria, where Garrosh was a "surprise" final antagonist, empowered by Lei Shen's treasures and Y'Shaarj's remains.




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