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The Legion Feature Overview is the reveal trailer for Legion that premiered at gamescom 2015. It shows off various features of Legion, including the Broken Isles as a new continent, Artifact weapons, Class Orders, and the new hero class: Demon Hunter.



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It is narrated by Archmage Khadgar.

IconSmall KhadgarArchmage Khadgar: On Draenor, old rivals sought to bring Azeroth to its knees; and while the Iron Tide was quelled, they were but servants of a more ancient foe that has not forgotten our defiance.
In raven form, Khadgar sits perched upon a ledge in Karazhan. He flies off, departing towards the Broken Isles.
IconSmall KhadgarArchmage Khadgar: The vengeance of the Burning Shadow... has come.
Demons are shown pouring from the Tomb of Sargeras. Scenes of the Broken Isles are displayed.
IconSmall KhadgarArchmage Khadgar: And in our most desperate hour, we must wield the power of the enemy against them, for we stand once more upon the brink of destruction.
Khadgar flies to Stormwind Keep, returning to his human form before King Varian Wrynn and Prince Anduin Wrynn.
IconSmall KhadgarArchmage Khadgar: The Burning Legion... has returned.


  • The final segment of the trailer, in which Khadgar flies into Stormwind Keep's throne room to warn Varian of the Burning Legion's return, is a callback to the Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos cinematic The Warning, in which Medivh unsuccessfully tries to deliver a similar warning to King Terenas Menethil in Lordaeron's imperial chamber.
    • In Heroes of the Storm, this is referenced in one of Medivh's poke quotes: "You're telling me Khadgar flew in as a raven and transformed in front of the king to deliver a dire warning? Hah! That's my boy. I mean, was, until I turned him into an old man, that is."
  • The line "For we stand once more upon the brink of destruction" is likely a reference "We stand now, upon the brink of destruction" from the Warcraft III opening cinematic, The Prophecy.
  • The music featured in the beginning and end of the trailer is also a Warcraft III reference, specifically that of the Thrall's Vision cinematic.