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World of Warcraft: Legion
Legion-box-art-collectors front cover
Box cover
Developer(s) Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher(s) Blizzard Entertainment
Platforms Microsoft Windows, macOS
Release August 30, 2016[1]
Genre(s) Expansion pack

The World of Warcraft: Legion Collector's Edition is the collector's edition of Legion.


  • World of Warcraft: Legion — Full version of Legion on DVD.
  • The Art of Legion
  • Legion Behind-the-Scenes Blu-ray and DVD set
  • Soundtrack
  • Legion Mousepad, featuring Gul'dan and Illidan
  • Digital in-game goodies
    • World of WarcraftIllidari Felstalker Mount and Inv felstalker pet [Nibbles] Pet — Stalk the invading demonic forces atop one of the Burning Legion’s own twisted hounds of war, and summon a delightfully demented companion to keep you warm by the fel fire—both available immediately upon pre-purchase.
    • Heroes of the Storm – Felstalker Mount — Charge down the lanes of the Nexus and wreak havoc on the opposing team astride this fierce fanged terror.
    • StarCraft II – Fel Protoss Portraits — Take back Aiur in infernal style with psionic-infused StarCraft II portraits of Illidan and Gul’dan.
    • Diablo III Wings of the Betrayer — Equip your hero with Illidan’s wings and strike terror into the hearts of Sanctuary’s demons.
    • Hearthstone Card Back — Your adventures in Draenor will be the talk of the tavern after outfitting your champion’s deck with this custom card back forged in the fires of Blackrock – available to Hearthstone players just in time for the launch of Legion.


Digital Goodies[]


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