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The Mists of Pandaria Preview Trailer is the reveal trailer for Mists of Pandaria that premiered at BlizzCon 2011. It shows off various features of Mists of Pandaria, including the new continent of Pandaria, new monk class, and a new neutral race: pandaren.



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It is narrated by an adventurer.

Adventurer: We were there... when a world of limitless adventure opened up before us. We rose defiantly against all those that threatened the peace of our kingdoms. We ventured to a new alien world, and cast the lords of shadow and flame back into the abyss. It was we who held the line as death itself rose like a tide to swallow everything we held dear. We have endured the breaking of the world, and must now face the Destroyer, and end his cycle of destruction...
The scene shifts to Pandaria.
Adventurer: But soon... we will face a new chapter. An adventure unlike any we've known thus far. A mystery shrouded by superstition. A land of forgotten power and ancient magics. And a people that may well change the fate of us all. For all the challenges we have faced, and all the places we have been, Azeroth's limits have yet to be revealed.


  • The narrator is voiced by Chris Metzen.
  • The Mists of Pandaria Preview Trailer has gone down as the single-most ill-received piece of media on the official World of Warcraft youtube channel, with nearly as many dislikes as likes. This is likely due to preconceived notions of the expansion's theme being childish and ridiculous, with pandaren being likened to "kung fu panda" and the new pet battle system being likened to "Pokemon".