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For the mantid champions, see Paragon. For the boss encounter, see Paragons of the Klaxxi.
World of Warcraft Paragons
World of Warcraft Paragons
Faction Leaders
Author(s) Various
Pages 466
Publisher(s) Pocket Star Books
Publication date March 31, 2014
Format(s) Digital
Retail price US: $5.99
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

World of Warcraft: Paragons is an e-book compilation of short stories by various authors. It was released on March 31, 2014. Included are the Leader Short Stories (2010-2011), Road to Damnation (2006), The War of the Shifting Sands (2005), Unbroken (2007), and the exclusive novella Blood of the Highborne.

The stories mostly focus on the Alliance and Horde's racial leaders as well as other important figures in their societies.


Though their soldiers form a unified front on the battlefield, both the Alliance and the Horde include diverse races and nations within their ranks. Each of those nations has at its helm a leader of heroism and legend. Their actions and decisions shape Azeroth and forge its destiny. They inspire loyalty and loathing, fervor and fear, sometimes all from their own people.[1]

What do these heroes do when faced with conflict and strife? How do they handle the tremendous responsibility of guiding their armies and citizens on the front line and at home? In this anthology of sixteen short stories, each champion finds his or her own answers to these questions. Read their tales and learn what makes them who they are today—learn what makes them paragons.



  • The final entry in the collection, Blood of the Highborne, is one of the longest-awaited stories in Warcraft history. It was first conceived around 2007, though publication difficulties (as a novella, it's considerably lengthier than the other short stories) never saw it released until now.[citation needed] 
  • Unbroken and Highborne essentially serve as prequels to the inclusion of draenei shamans and blood elf paladins. The two stories have some similar themes, including issues with the Light following a catastrophe.
  • Each of the stories is labelled with an "Alliance" or "Horde" marker as appropriate.



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