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Not to be confused with World of Warcraft: The Adventure Game.
World of Warcraft: The Board Game
World of Warcraft The Board Game
Designer(s) Christian T. Petersen
Artist(s) Jesper Ejsing
John Goodenough
Andrew Navaro
Scott Nicely
Brian Schomburg
Developer(s) Fantasy Flight Games
Publisher(s) ADC Blackfire Entertainment
Delta Vision Publishing
Fantasy Flight Games
Heidelberger Spieleverlag
Published 2005
# of players 2- 6
Retail price US: N/A
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World of Warcraft: The Board Game is a board game based on World of Warcraft. The game was developed by Fantasy Flight Games and released in 2005. It is not to be confused with the earlier Warcraft: The Board Game released in 2003 or the World of Warcraft: The Adventure Game released in 2008 (also developed by Fantasy Flight Games).

In World of Warcraft: The Board Game, players take the roles of various characters such as hunters or warlocks of either the Alliance or Horde faction. The object of the game is to defeat a powerful "Overlord". The game is timed to thirty turns; at the end of that time, if the Overlord has not been defeated, the game is settled by a massive player versus player battle between the two factions. Unlike most games of this type, play is (usually) cooperative between the members of each faction.


Take on the role of a chivalrous paladin or a wise shaman, a holy priest or a vile warlock, a mighty mage or a crafty rogue. Play as a savage orc, a mighty tauren, a tribal troll, or one of the Forsaken undead; become an ingenious gnome, a doughty dwarf, a mysterious Night Elf, or a noble human.
Based on the popular World of Warcraft Massively Multiplayer Online Game from Blizzard Entertainment, World of Warcraft: the Board Game invites the players to choose from 16 characters, drawn from the eight races and nine character classes of the Warcraft universe, and take up arms for the glory of the Horde ... or the Alliance. Travel across Lordaeron, vanquish monsters, gain experience and power, and earn honor for your faction.
World of Warcraft: the Board Game is a team-based fantasy adventure. The Horde and the Alliance factions must compete to be the first to defeat the invincible Overlord – be it the lich-king Kel'Thuzad, the dragon Nefarian, or the demon Kazzak – or, failing that, to be the last faction standing when it comes to all-out war![1]


World of Warcraft: the Board Game is a fantasy adventure board game for 2-6 players, based on the popular MMORPG from Blizzard Entertainment. Adventure across Lordaeron, vanquish monsters, gain experience and power, and earn honor for your faction – whether Horde or Alliance.

Play as one of 16 heroes from nine classes and eight races, advance your character and gather treasure, battle thirteen different types of monsters, and ultimately challenge one of three invincible Overlords.

The fate of Azeroth is in your hands![2]

World of Warcraft: The Board Game contains:

  • Rules booklet
  • 1 game board
  • 120 plastic creature figures, including:
    • 8 green, 4 red, and 4 blue Murlocs
    • 8 green, 4 red, and 4 blue Gnolls
    • 6 green, 3 red, and 3 blue Ghouls
    • 8 green, 4 red, and 4 blue Scarlet Crusaders
    • 4 green, 2 red, and 2 blue Naga
    • 4 green, 2 red, and 2 blue Giant Spiders
    • 4 green, 2 red, and 2 blue Worgen
    • 4 green, 1 red, and 1 blue Wildkin
    • 4 green, 1 red, and 1 blue Ogres
    • 6 green, 3 red, and 3 blue Wraiths
    • 2 green, 1 red, and 1 blue Doom Guards
    • 2 green, 1 red, and 1 blue Drakes
    • 2 green, 1 red, and 1 blue Infernals
  • 16 plastic character figures
  • 7 double-sided character sheets
  • 2 single-sided character sheets
  • 63 character counters (7 for each class )
  • 15 cardboard Stun tokens
  • 15 cardboard Curse tokens
  • 6 cardboard Bag tokens
  • 6 cardboard Spellbook tokens
  • 1 turn marker
  • 216 Class cards (for 9 distinct classes)
  • 120 Item cards
  • 40 Alliance Quest cards
  • 40 Horde Quest cards
  • 47 Event cards
  • 5 Kel’Thuzad Event cards
  • 3 Overlord sheets
  • 58 Energy tokens (in 1’s and 3’s)
  • 58 Health tokens (in 1’s and 3’s)
  • 138 gold tokens (in 1’s and 3’s)
  • 40 Hit tokens
  • 20 Armor tokens
  • 21 eight-sided dice (7 red, 7 blue, and 7 green)
  • 2 Creature Reference Sheets
  • 5 Lord Kazzak Overlord counters
  • 1 Kel’Thuzad Overlord counter
  • 1 Nefarian Overlord counter
  • 5 Point of Interest tokens
  • 6 Alliance Quest tokens
  • 6 Horde Quest tokens
  • 8 War tokens (2 each of four different colors)
  • 12 Action tokens

Pre-order promotion[]

From the developer's website:[3]

Adventure across Lordaeron, vanquish terrible monsters, take home incredible treasures, and fight for the honor of the Alliance! ...or the Horde. Pre-order your copy of World of Warcraft: the Board Game today! Not only will you get your game immediately upon its release, but you'll get special limited-edition goodies free!
When you pre-order the board-game, you will receive:
1) A limited-edition bronze figure of your favorite hero!
Choose from the sixteen available character figures from World of Warcraft: the Board Game.
Orc Warrior Troll Priest Tauren Hunter Forsaken Mage
Orc Shaman Troll Rogue Tauren Druid Forsaken Warlock
Human Warlock Dwarf Hunter Night Elf Warrior Gnome Mage
Human Paladin Dwarf Priest Night Elf Druid Gnome Rogue
These figures are made from cast bronze with a black ink wash and a felted base. The soft felt of the base means you can use these figures as game pieces, and the black wash brings out an incredible level of detail on the figures. These limited-edition miniatures are available exclusively with this pre-order promotion and supplies are extremely limited! FFG will do our best to provide you with your first choice of figure, but if we run out we will provide you with a randomly-selected figure from those remaining. First-come, first served!
2) A limited-edition, certified 22" x 32" poster-map!
Featuring the same incredible artwork that graces the World of Warcraft: the Board Game board, this poster is printed on heavy linen-finished paper and shipped to you carefully rolled in a robust cardboard tube. This limited print-run collector's item is certified and numbered by FFG. Uncluttered by region names and game icons, this poster is the only way to let the artwork under the gameboard truly shine on its own.
3) Your own copy of World of Warcraft: the Board Game


Scion of Darkness

Scion of Darkness.

  • BlizzCon Epic Armor Pack
  • Shadow of War
    • This expansion was released in late 2006. It added new talents, powers, Blue Quests, Destiny cards, and nearly 200 new item cards.
  • The Burning Crusade
    • This expansion was released in September 2007. It added new monsters, Outland, dungeons, flying mount, level 6 (the max level before was 5), new powers and talents for level 6, new quests , new overlords and a few new event cards.
  • Scion of Darkness
    • This expansion was announced at the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational of 2008 and started production in late 2008 though never released due to Fantasy Flight Games losing their license.



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