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World of Warcraft: The Board Game - Shadow of War

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Shadow of War
Shadow of War.jpg
Designer(s) John Goodenough
Christian T. Petersen
Developer(s) Fantasy Flight Games
Publisher(s) Fantasy Flight Games
Heidelberger Spieleverlag
Published 2006
# of players 2 - 6
Retail price US: N/A
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Shadow of War is an expansion pack for World of Warcraft: The Board Game.


Shattered Kingdom features hundreds of new cards, both expanding the original game and introducing a few new concepts. A new item deck rewards characters with exciting trinkets and artifacts. A new quest deck puts a bounty on independent creatures, rewarding characters who defeat them. Each class deck also receives 10 new powers and 10 new talents, further developing each character's arsenal of unique abilities and customization. Each Overlord also receives special cards that are shuffled into the event deck, and these cards make them even more dangerous throughout the game.

Alternate Names

  • World of Warcraft: Shattered Kingdom[1]