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World of Warcraft: The Dragonflight Codex
The Dragonflight Codex cover
Author(s) Doug Walsh, Sandra Rosner
Artist(s) Various
Pages 192
Publisher(s) Blizzard Entertainment
Insight Editions
Publication date December 26, 2023
Format(s) Hardcover, Digital
ISBN 10 1647221587
ISBN 13 978-1647221584
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World of Warcraft: The Dragonflight Codex is an upcoming comprehensive guide highlighting the creatures' magical abilities, the chronological evolution of the dragons, and the zones of the Dragon Isles in Dragonflight. It is planned to release on 26 December 2023.


Uncover the rich history of the legendary dragons of Azeroth with this official, lavishly illustrated guide from the iconic game World of Warcraft. With over 100 never-before-seen illustrations, World of Warcraft: The Dragonflight Codex is the ultimate WoW fan’s guide to everything dragons.
Journey across Azeroth and beyond with this comprehensive guide, highlighting the magnificent dragons of the video game World of Warcraft. With this immersive in-world field guide written by Archmage Khadgar of the Kirin Tor, get an in-depth look at draconic species and the newly awakened dracthyr, along with the magical abilities of World of Warcraft’s dragonflights, proto-dragons, and more!
After enduring years of hardship, the dragons of Azeroth must reclaim their legacy, and it is more important than ever to learn about their vast history and incredible abilities. Though the Dragon Isles stood dormant for 10,000 years, now the Watcher has reawakened, the beacon has been lit, and the dragons have come home—called to be Azeroth’s protectors once more. The New Age of Dragons has begun in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. From the untamed northlands of Azeroth, fans of World of Warcraft will be able to follow the history of the dragons from their origins as elemental drakes to the present day dragonflights in this new, all-inclusive dragon codex.[1]


  • The original release date was 15 August 2023, while the second release date was 21 November 2023.



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