World of Warcraft: The Magazine Volume I Issue IV
Cover artwork
Author(s) Various
Artist(s) Various
Pages 148
Publisher(s) Future
Publication date 2011
Format(s) Magazine

World of Warcraft: The Magazine Volume I Issue IV is the 4th installment of World of Warcraft: The Magazine magazine.


The Cataclysm has arrived, so prepare yourself for our most jam-packed issue yet.

Think you know everything about Deathwing's blight on Azeroth? Our private army has scoured the land for every devastating detail on the latest expansion, including an in-depth tour of its new dungeons, an exploration of the five new high-level zones that highlight Deathwing's reign of terror, and behind-the-scenes peeks at how the worgen and goblins came to playable life.

Then venture inside the mind of Blizzard artist Samwise Didier, share some screen time with the cinematics team, discover how to cook in-game dishes in your very own kitchen, and much, much more.[1]