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"World of Warcraft ECTS 2001 Cinematic Trailer" is the early stages of World of Warcraft. It was shown at ECTS 2001 as the announcement of World of Warcraft.



We see the Gates of Orgrimmar, with some orcs in front and on top of it.
"Beyond the gates of mighty kingdoms, lies a vast and unexplored world."
The gates open.
"A world of honor."
The word "Honor" is shown on the screen. A tauren with a tauren halberd is shown on a plain.
"A world of mystery."
The word "Mystery" is shown on the screen. Skeletons are shown slowly walking forward in front of a windmill.
"A world of danger."
The word "Danger" is shown on the screen. A human warrior is shown slowly walking through a forest when he hears a sound he pulls out his axes and gets ready for battle. A succession of scenes are shown: a orc swinging a weapon at the screen, a skeleton swinging a weapon at the screen, the human warrior is now shown with a shield in one hand blocking incoming arrows, a skeleton turns to the screen, a orc behind a fire looks up and raises his hands in the air.
"The World of Warcraft."
The "World of Warcraft" logo is shown and then a dragon raises his head from the bottom of the screen, looks to the right and breathes fire at the screen.


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