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World of Warcraft Atlas, Second Edition
Author(s) BradyGames
Pages 192
Publisher(s) BradyGames
Publication date NA: September 4, 2008
EU: August 6, 2008
Format(s) Hardcover
Retail price US: $29.99
ISBN 10 0-7440-1047-0
ISBN 13 978-0-7440-1047-3
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BradyGames' World of Warcraft Atlas, Second Edition includes the following:

  • EVERY REGION AND CITY MAP: Every region map includes its sub-regions, connections to other regions, dungeons, and towns – everything needed for players to make their way through Azeroth! Special “lay-flat” binding showcases maps in their full glory.
  • EXCLUSIVE TOWN MAPS: These hand-drawn maps include callouts for everyone in the towns. They’re the perfect highlights for specific NPC locations!
  • EXHAUSTIVE INDEX: Complete listing of all NPCs, named enemies, and beasts – along with their locations on map grids for easy use. Supplemental listings of resources, trainers, and vendors offer even more information.
  • UPDATED WORLD MAP: World map marks flight paths, main cities, instance dungeons, and battleground locations!

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