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Not to be confused with Azeroth Mini.
This article or section contains information relating to gameplay taken from the World of Warcraft Miniatures Game.

The World of Warcraft Miniatures Game is a collectible miniatures game from Upper Deck Entertainment, the creators of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. It was released November 11, 2008.[1] A deluxe edition was released December 9, 2008.[2][3] It took two years of development to be finished.[1]

Players will use 40mm scale figures and terrain pieces to simulate battles in all types of settings and scenarios based on the Warcraft setting. Gameplay can be one-on-one, a party vs. party, or one or a party vs. an individual or group of monsters in Alliance, Horde, and Monster factions.[4]

A raid set called "Raid on Onyxia" was planned to allow you to play solo or cooperatively against either a player-controlled Onyxia or an automated, rule-based version of the black dragon.[4] Later, Blizzard announced that they would not renew their contract with UDE, Souls of Vengence Deluxe starter, Starter, and boosters were canceled along with the Onyxia raid set.

Available figures[]

Souls of Vengeance

Art for Souls of Vengeance.


  • For the rules download them at the official site: [1].
  • There is also a downloadable demo: [2].

Basic edition[]

Initially, a starter set and some booster packs will be available.[4]

  • Starter Set:
    • 4 fixed miniatures (two Horde and two Alliance).
    • 6 dice.
    • Character cards
    • Customizable Action Bar cards
    • 6 UBase™ miniatures bases
    • 1 two-sided map.
    • 1 rulebook.
    • A checklist of the miniatures in the Core Set.
  • Booster Pack:
    • 3 random figures (all 3 figures will be from the same randomly selected faction: Alliance, Horde, or Monster).

Deluxe edition[]

  • Deluxe Edition:
    • 6 different minis (coming from two of the three factions).[5]
      • Each faction will have two common minis and either a rare or epic mini.
    • 6 dice.[5]
    • 6 UBase™ miniatures bases.[5]
    • 1 of 3 maps: Ashenvale, Tanaris, or Winterspring[5]
      • One side of each map will have a standard pre-made scenario, while the other side will be blank (for custom scenarios with the tokens and terrain pieces that are included).
    • 1 loot card from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game Drums of War expansion!

Related products[]

  • World of Warcraft Miniatures Case[6]

Special products[]

Battleground Promo
  • Daxin Firesworn[7]
  • Shienor Sorceror[8]
  • Parvink[9]
  • Tauren Bear Form[10]
  • Bregina Stoneshiv
  • Jezbella of Karabor[11]
Special Event Promo
  • 2009 WoW Minis Realm Championship Participation Promo - Death Watcher[12]
  • 2009 Minis Darkmoon Faire Championship Participation Promo - Mortimer the Maligned[12]


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