The World of Warcraft launcher for OS X

Mac is an abbreviation for "Macintosh", a brand of computers manufactured by Apple Inc. Mac OS is short for Macintosh Operating System; Mac OS X is the 10th major revision (hence the Roman numeral X). The current release of Mac OS X is version 10.6 "10.6.7 (10J869)" "Snow Leopard". The OS X client of World of Warcraft is the only client that has a built-in video capture utility.

System Requirements

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User Interface Addons

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The same AddOns functionality is available in both Mac and Windows. Most addons are distributed in .zip files that can be openned using the native Mac interface and copied to .../Interface/AddOns in the same manner as with Windows.

However, the use of any third-party addon management tools will require installing Mac versions, if available. Such tools are not essential; they automate only the task of downloading and expanding the .zip file.

Technical Support

Blizzard offers a support forum for Macintosh-specific problems on WoW. The Mac team has proved highly responsive to known issues.

NB: This forum is for players registered through the US servers only, and will not recognize login details for those on other servers. Mac users on the European servers should post Mac queries on Blizzard's European Technical Support forum.


Right click

Older Macs came with one-button mice, and the built-in trackpad on Mac notebooks has only one hardware button. Since WoW's UI is designed for a 2+ button mouse, this can lead to some confusion.

  • The single mouse button corresponds to "Left click" in WoW's UI.
  • In WoW, holding the Command (Apple or ⌘) key while clicking is equivalent to a right-click. In the rest of OS X the same can be achieved by holding down CTRL.
  • Recent Mac notebooks include a feature where holding two fingers on the trackpad while clicking produces a right-click. This can be turned on in the Keyboard & Mouse pane of System Preferences.

Any standard multi-button USB mouse can be used with a Mac. (Macs with Bluetooth can also use any standard BT mouse.) No third-party software is necessary to make use of the secondary button or scroll wheel, or to be able to bind additional buttons to WoW actions. (Third-party software may be useful if you wish to customize extra-mouse-button actions outside of WoW, though.)

Ctrl + Mousewheel Up/Down

Mac OS X UI comes with a default setting that prebinds the keybind `ctrl + mousewheel up/down' under desktop control (it's used to zoom in/out while on desktop - useful when you need to zoom in and out in pictures etc. while outside the game). When in the game pressing `ctrl+mousewheel' gets captured by the OS (instead of the game) and any macro binded to (or meant to handle) `ctrl+mousewheel up/down' will not work. To solve this remove the aforementioned keybind-combo from desktop-control, via Mac Os X settings. Go to:

  • System preferences
  • Universal Access
  • Tab: Seeing
  • Component: Zoom
  • Options
  • Go at the bottom of the new window that will pop and un-tick the option called: `Use scroll wheel with modifier keys to zoom'

And that's it. `Ctrl + Mousewheel up/down' will now work as intended.

Known issues with OS X

  • The new graphics engine is now supported by the latest available patch for OS X 10.6.5. The drivers which enable the use of the new effects introduced in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm are available on both ATI and nVidia chipsets. Although ATI's 4### series is still having problems with low FPS when either Sunshafts or the new water is turned on.

There is some crashes with Macs which have a NVIDIA card more of this crash Info

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