Would You Like Some Flies With That?

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HordeWould You Like Some Flies With That?
Start Eunice Burch
End Eunice Burch
Level 60 (Requires 10)
Type Daily
Category Cooking
Reputation +250 Undercity
Rewards +1 Cooking skill
[Epicurean's Award]
16g 54s (at level 85)
Repeatable Yes

Would You Like Some Flies With That? is a daily cooking quest available from Eunice Burch in the Trade Quarter in Undercity.


Obtain 25 Bloated Flies from the "meat" near the Meat Wagons. Then return to Eunice Burch in Undercity.


It's not always about making food for the orcs, <class>. This time, it's about making food for what will hopefully be their replacements.

We need to start small, we need to catch flies. Flies love rotting meat, and we love rotting meat... as projectile weapons!

Check out the Meat Wagons for any extra bits of meat. Where you find the meat, you'll find the flies.

Bring me 25 bloated flies, and then I can start on the next stage of our cooking plan.


You will receive:


I bet some of that "meat" is still good.


Ah! Perfect! Fat, slow and ready to be eaten! Next up, we will feed them to our spiders. Fatten them up, and then, we feed the spiders to the frogs...

Listen to me go on. You don't need to know all the details. This is just a small step in a grand cuisine in a grand scheme.


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