Type Database
Registration Free
Launched Closed:
 April 4, 2006
 June 25, 2006
Maintained by Wowhead staff and ZAM
Popularity 477[1] (Alexa)

Wowhead is a World of Warcraft information database featuring a JavaScript interface. The site catalogs items, quests, talents, and much more — all able to be searched, sorted, and arranged to find the information needed. Wowhead is currently the only major database website that has been mentioned by Blizzard in their Community Spotlight.

The website started out as a talent calculator in December 2005. The talent calculator offers the ability to import builds from Blizzard talent calculators. It was in beta from April 4 to June 25, 2006,[2] and the database was released on June 26, 2006.[3]

Wowhead makes extensive use of AJAX for its interface function and requires JavaScript to be enabled in order to function.

The Wowhead Classic was launched on November 2, 2018, in preparation for World of Warcraft: Classic.[4] A Thottbot theme was made available on February 9, 2019, to provide a genuine classic experience.[5]

The team


Wowhead's "The Burning Contest" featured in the Community Spotlight.

A Wowhead contest featured on the front page.

Wowhead featured in the Community Spotlight.

  • Alexis (Perculia) Kusy - <Site Director>
  • Jerek (Jerek) Dain - <Designer / Developer>
  • Matt (dirtside) - <Developer>
  • Sara (Serrinn) - <Content Manager>


  • Shaun (TheOnyx) - Site Director
  • Casey (Malgayne) - Head of Community/Content
  • Claire (PoeticDragon) - Software Developer
  • Joshua (Mystadio) - Software Developer and Co-founder
  • Andreas (Koper) - Software Developer
  • Brielle (Miyari) - Sr. Content Manager
  • Sarah (Noxychu) - Artist[6]
  • Victor (Aryu) Mazzia - Developer
  • Gerard (Erorus) - Developer


Wowhead was originally a privately owned site, owned by its founders, Joshua and Guillaume. During June 2007, Wowhead was sold to ZAM Network, a wholly owned subsidiary of Affinity Media, after several management and hosting changes.

Wowhead Client

An application (for Windows and macOS) that checks for data to upload, uploads data, installs the client AddOn, and checks for updates.[7] Requires a Wowhead account to upload data.


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