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25 December 2021 – Winter Veil presents are now available!
This year's gifts are:  [Rockin' Rollin' Racer Customizer 19.9.3] and  [Rockin' Rollin' Racer Pack].
16 November 2021 – World of Warcraft: Classic Season of Mastery begins
Start a fresh adventure with faster leveling and more challenging raids
11 November 2021 – Patch 9.2.0: Eternity's End announced
Includes a new zone, raid, the return of class tier sets, and a new dance studio mini-game at the Darkmoon Faire!
02 November 2021 – Patch 9.1.5 released
Includes Legion Timewalking and a variety of quality of life improvements

Upcoming Warcraft releases:

Jan 17: Burning Crusade Classic Phase 3 begins (content update)
Jan 25: Forging Worlds: Stories Behind the Art of Blizzard Entertainment (art book)
Mar 29: Warcraft: Sylvanas (novel)

Featured media

Ogri'la in the Blade's Edge Mountains


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