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Example API listing

  • SetMapZoom(continentIndex[, zoneIndex])   - Sets the current world map to a specific continent and optionally zone.
This function takes one or two arguments. The square brackets indicate that the second argument is optional.

Example API with string argument

The quotes around the arguments in this function means that the parameter is a string. It does not mean that the argument is literally "channel" or "name".

Example of an UI Object (widget) method

This example shows that the SetAllPoints() function is called as a method function on a LayoutFrame object. The arguemnt is either a frame, or a frame name (string).

Link Code Examples

: [[API SetMapZoom|SetMapZoom]](continentIndex[,zoneIndex]) - Description
Pages describing individual API functions are named on the form "API FunctionName" (with no argument information).
: [[API LayoutFrame GetHeight|LayoutFrame:GetHeight]]() - Description
Pages describing individual widget methods are named on the form "API ObjectType FunctionName" (with no argument information).

Link Prefixes

  • PROTECTED - function exists, but is protected for Blizzard only code.
If the page exists, put {{protectedapi|<extra info, if appropriate>}} at the top
  • REMOVED - indicates that the function has been removed from the API.
Removed functions should only be listed in Category:World of Warcraft API/Removed Functions
If the page exists, put {{removedapi|<version when it was removed>|<what to use instead, if appropriate>}} at the top
  • UI - indicates that the function is provided by the FrameXML UI code, rather than the core API.
If the page exists, put {{framexmlfunc|<FrameXML/FileNameWhereFunctionIs.lua>}} at the top

Data and Argument Types

The API uses special values for some function arguments, the commonly used types are:

Category:API types has the full list. (Though if something there is not available here: please list it!)

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