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A Wowpedia article is defined as a page that has encyclopedic or almanac-like information about World of Warcraft on it ("almanac-like" being lists, timelines, tables or charts).

See Special:Allpages for a list of all Wowpedia articles (and some non-articles; see below).

An "article" does not include any pages in any of the specified namespaces that are used for particular purposes, such as:

  • the Wowpedia namespace for material about meta subjects related to Wowpedia (example, Wowpedia:Policy and its talk page, Wowpedia talk:Policy);
  • the talk namespaces for discussing what the content of pages should be (for example, Talk:Class)
  • the special namespace, whose pages are created by the software on demand (see Special:Specialpages);
  • the user namespace for pages that are used by individual Wowpedia writers (example, [[User:<insert name here>]]).
    • Additionally, users may also choose to put individual subpages here on things like their player characters or their thoughts on Warcraft lore (for example, [[User:<insert name here>/Zjinga]])
  • the image namespace which is used for describing and attributing images (example, Image:Molten giants.jpg)

But not all pages in the article namespace are considered to be articles; the most notable exceptions are:

  • the Main Page;
  • thousands of "stub" pages that may not be considered real articles yet;
  • thousands of disambiguation pages which are used to resolve naming conflicts;
  • thousands of "redirect" pages which are used to re-route one page to another page;

The automatic definition used by the software at Special:Statistics is: any page that is in the article namespace, is not a redirect page and contains at least one wiki link. The statistics software currently has no method of detecting disambiguation pages, however; nor does it disregard Stubs and Stublists (lists templates with little or no content).

See Wowpedia:Naming policy to learn how we title articles and Wowpedia:protected pages for a list of pages that have been made read-only to non-Wowpedia Administrators.

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