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This community team is dedicated to:

  • Ensuring consistency of information and styling across all pages. They will act upon articles marked for stubbing, splitting, categorizing, merging and disambiguation among other things, while delegating the more specific jobs like citation requests and fact checking to other teams where needed.

Specific Tasks


The primary purpose of this group is to scout out our pages for links to pages that we do not currently have. The most easy way to do so would be to look at Wanted Pages (wiki special page) and move from there. The secondary duty of this group is to merge multiply-linked pages into one. This might individual pages called "Medivh's Tower" and "Tower of Medivh" -- both pages should not contain a stub article, but rather they should be merged into one topic. Finally, this group is responsible for maintaining the quality of the stub templates.

Application of stubs

When possible, we should make every possible effort to use the most specific stub available (see list to the right →). So, if there are two stubs, Stub/Pet and Stub/Small Pet, if we're talking about the Panda Cub, then we should use Template:Stub/Item.


Ensure that every bit of content posted on Wowpedia is assigned the proper and applicable categories as listed on the category policy. As this is a valuable resource for Warcraft related information, it is extremely important that each and every article is correctly categorized so that the information on the site can be easily tracked and maintained. Accessibility is an important function of the site.

Team members

Meet the Article Council and their spheres of influence:

Name Role
Hobinheim Head Article Councilman, Eyes of the Warchief: Consistency and styling work
Adys Ears of the Warchief: Category work mostly, no styling
Anticrash Hand of the Warchief: All-around multi-tasker; former Cat team leader