[ Wowpedia ] = "This article is about . . . Wowpedia.".

The Article Type identifies the type of article the reader is looking at. It is used to clearly distinguish between commonly repeated TYPES (CLASSES) OF ARTICLES without necessarily turning it into a Category list. (An article type CAN be a Category:, but it doesn't NEED to be.)

The primary purpose is to quickly (“at a glance�?) identify for the reader what the article is about -- for this reason, it appears at the top of the page (as opposed to Categories, which appear at the bottom of the page.)

Article Type Descriptions

Article Type Description
UI This article is about the World of Warcraft game User Interface (UI).
AddOn This article is about a specific AddOn for the WoW UI.  (Implied category = [UI:AddOns])
Lore This article is about the Lore (back story) of Warcraft (such as History, Races, Clans, Factions, Ages, Epochs, etc.).
Source Text This article contains a transcription from an official Blizzard source, such as a game manual, website, or in-game text.
Character This article is about a specific Warcraft Character (lore or game details), but not specifically a WoW NPC in-game.  (Implied category = [Lore:Characters])
Creature This article is about a specific WoW Creature or type of creature (lore or game details).  (Implied category = [Lore:Creatures]
Guild This article is dedicated to a specific WoW guild.
Location This article is about a Continent, Region, Area, City, Town, Village, Lake, Dungeon, etc.
NPC This article is about a specific WoW in-game NPC (lore or in-game details), including bosses, mobs, quest givers, trainers and vendors.  (Implied category = [NPCs:Lore])
Realm This article is about a WoW Realm/Server.
Wowpedia This article is about how Wowpedia works (information about the site, or guidelines, or user help).
Ability This article is about an ability that one of the player classes can use.
Spell This article is about a spell that one of the player classes can cast.

Additional extensions

Additional extensions could be added. For example:

  • UI:Interface Customization - This article is about WoW Interface Customization.
    (an article about an AddOn/Interface customization for WoW, including "HowTo"/"UserGuide" articles).
This is an article about WoW Interface Customization (AddOns or Function Libraries).

  • UI:AddOn Detail - an article about a specific component of an AddOn/Interface customization.

  • Location:City - an article about a City (sub-class of Location).


Proposed structure

Additional options

Possible variation: Use the article type tag (or variant) to identify the content type? (This article is....; This article consists of.....)

Article Content Types:
  • Guide - This article is a Guide. (For example, a "HOWTO" guide.)
  • List - This article is a List. (Includes Categories.)


Adding an Article Type to an Article

Note: Adding an article type will automatically add the associated Category as well. There is no need to repeat the Category at the bottom of the page if you have the Article-type specified.

To add an article type, you can use the following templates:

Template Name What it looks like on the page What you enter
on the top of your page:
Example: Associated Category:
Template:addon [ AddOn ] {{addon}} Category:AddOns

See also:
Category:Hosted AddOns

Category:Cosmos AddOns
Template:Character-article [ Character ] {{character-article}} Maiev_Shadowsong
Template:Guild-article [ Guild ] {{guild-article}} Guild: Metal Cheeze Society (Outthere US) Category:Guilds
Template:In-game-book-article [ In-Game Book ] {{in-game-book-article}} The Alliance of Lordaeron Category:World of Warcraft in-game books
Template:Location-article [ Location ] {{location-article}} Dolanaar Category:Azeroth
Template:Lore-article [ Lore ] {{lore-article}} Green_dragons Category:Lore
Template:Source-article [ Source ] {{source-article}} The Destiny of the Orcish Hordes Category:Lore Category:Sources
Template:Quest-article [ Quest ] {{quest-article}} A [4] Brotherhood of Thieves
Template:Realm-article [ Realm ] {{realm-article}} <put an example here>
Template:UI-article [ User Interface ] {{UI-article}} UI:Guild List Category:UI

See also:

Category:Interface customization
Template:Ability-article [ Class Ability ] {{ability-article|Class}} <put an example here>
Template:Spell-article [ Class Spell ] {{spell-article|Class}} [Wrath]