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This is an annotated list of featured boilerplates. See Category:Boilerplates for a complete, non-annotated list. See Wowpedia:How to edit API pages for development related boilerplates.

While "boilerplates" are arguably "templates", we like to differentiate them somewhat. "Templates" are mostly small snippets that can be used inside pages (see Wowpedia:Templates). "Boilerplates" are full-page models that can be used when creating new pages.

To use a boilerplate
Check the boilerplate page for specific instructions
If none show, edit a boilerplate page and copy & paste its contents to a new page
OR start a new page and pull the boilerplate in with {{subst::boilerplate name}}, save, and then re-edit the page.

Preload types[]


Help:Ability articles
A boilerplate for spell and ability articles, such as Spell arcane blink [Blink], as well as talented abilities, such as Spell fire fireball02 [Pyroblast] and Ability warrior savageblow [Mortal Strike]. See {{Infobox ability}} for more information.
Help:Achievement articles
A boilerplate for achievement articles, such as Spell shadow plaguecloud [Out With It]. See {{Achievementtip}} for more information.
Help:Item articles
This boilerplate mimics the way external databases display objects. Included are many notes in the source code so look in there for help when creating a new item. This can be used for any type of item, like armor, weapons, trade goods, vendor trash, and anything else. See {{itemtip}} for more information.
Help:Mob articles
For creating a page for a mob, specifically designed for creeps that can be attacked and not NPCs that a player can interact with. Designed so that {{Mob}} links will display a tooltip. See {{Npcbox}} for more information.
Help:NPC articles
Articles for friendly NPCs like innkeepers, vendors and quest givers. Designed so that {{NPC}} links will display a tooltip. See {{Npcbox}} for more information.
Help:Profession abilities articles
A boilerplate for profession ability articles such as enchantments or transmutes.
Help:Quest articles
Quests are constantly being added and updated. Many quest pages are currently using an incorrect format or an old version of the boilerplate. The thing that sets Wowpedia quest pages apart from those on thottbot and other similar sites is the "details" section, which provides a guide for how to complete the quest. Examples of quests with this boilerplate are: H [28] Grimtotem Spying, N [33] A Bump in the Road.
Help:Talent articles
A boilerplate for talents which are not also abilities. See {{Infobox talent}} for more information.


Help:API Function articles
A boilerplate for API functions.
Help:CVar articles
A boilerplate for Console Variables.