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NOTE: The Bookkeepers team is currently not accepting new members.

NOTE: The Bookkeepers team operate under the assumption that the War of the Ancients (novel account) is an official account and source of information.

WARNING: Do not use the term "lorelol" within earshot of the Head Bookkeeper.


This team is similar to the Watchdogs, save that our power extends only to the pages in the Lore category. Essentially, we deal with the pages and information relating to the backstory of World of Warcraft, that is, the novels, the games and their related materials. If you have a query or page directly related to WoW, it is the Watchdogs to whom you should talk.

I consider anything from the Fall of Sargeras to Rexxar's raid of Theramore and the creation of Teldrassil as "lore" — anything depicted in the Warcraft books or strategy games. This includes certain areas (e.g. Mt. Hyjal, Grim Batol) and characters first depicted before World of Warcraft (your best friend's level 50 Tauren warrior and his wife's level 56 Night Elf Priest are not lore characters, but Cairne Bloodhoof and Tyrande Whisperwind are). If a character appears first in WoW, but has ties to characters in lore, then they will be monitored depending on their relation and inconsistencies concerning relation to lore characters (The offspring of the Dragon Aspects will be observed, but not more minor minions).

We will also respond to queries about a character's history to see if that fits the available lore. -Ragestorm, Head Bookkeeper

Note that the Bookkeepers will not respond to any comments or queries relating to "the Outlands." We will answer questions about "Draenor" or "Outland."

Team members

Name Position
Ragestorm   Head Bookkeeper
Baggins   Bookkeeper Majordomo
Kirkburn   Assistant Head Bookkeeper
Sky2042   Bookkeeper Master
Kirochi   Bookkeeper Adept
Warthok   Bookkeeper Adept
Farseer Lolotea   Bookkeeper Acolyte
Sandwichman2448   Bookkeeper Acolyte
Vorbis   Hand of the Bookkeepers