The Classic WoW project is a Wowpedia project to help prepare Wowpedia for the impending launch of World of Warcraft: Classic.

Project scope

The scope of the project will encompass mostly gameplay-related pages, as the documentation of lore should not change based on the re-release of this information. However, there may be gaps in lore content which were not documented (the first time around). Classic will allow us a second chance to document an important time in the history of Warcraft.

Content breakdown


Per Ketho[1] the API will be diverging between Classic and live BfA servers. Any differences between the interfaces should be clearly noted, with live server API having preference if it comes to disambiguation.


The state of each class as of 1.12 will need to be documented, separately from the current state on live BfA realms, in order to avoid confusion.

Review the "removed" categories for each class for abilities, quests, talents, etc. that may need special attention.


Classic items may be better documented off-wiki, possibly excepting especially notable items. Item types which were later removed such as librams or ammo bags may need documentation of their effects/uses touched up.


Dialogs for the NPCs will need to be documented. Additionally, screenshots of NPCs back during Classic still contained some sort of UI (e.g. the green targeting circle just under the NPC) or the image is just too small. Most screenshots will need to be updated.

For a list of already tagged images needing an update: Category:Images to clean up. Take a look at the image guidelines article to help guide you to taking a good screenshot.


The state of each profession as of 1.12 will need to be documented, separately from the current state on live BfA realms, in order to avoid confusion. In many cases this should be straightforward, however some things like the old specializations (with the requisite quests) are different or no longer present in live.


Quests as of 1.12 will need to be documented. They may or may not conflict with the current state on live BfA realms. Any differences should be noted, with an entirely separate article if the differences are major.


The pre-Cataclysm state of zones will be useful to document, particularly with screenshots.

For the zones that were merged, and sub-zones that were moved from one zone to another, the templates will need to be updated and applied correctly.



Some of the content could be retrieved from page history. However, keep in mind the content could have been removed for a good reason not related to game changes - it could be outright wrong or listed in the wrong place. Further, some content used templates and styles which are no longer supported on the current version of the wiki, and so may require extensive reformatting to work.

In the end, it may be easiest to document the missing/outdated content with data directly from Classic, whether that is from the beta or after the release.

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