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Many machinimists use 3D model software to finetune their creations. At Wowpedia however, it is advised to make scarce use of said software.

WoW Model Viewer in Wowpedia

Texture files pulled out from WMV are not allowed on the wiki. In-game screenshots are preferred, but if you cannot find one it is okay to upload from WMV, as long as the model can be found in-game. If you are going to upload a picture to the wiki, we recommend it to be saved as a PNG (that way it will be transparent, thus allowing it to be used without a frame). The images shown below are bad examples as these have the default blue background, they are just intended to give a preview of what WMV looks like.

It is also recommended that you use a image editing program to crop it in order to reduce space around the model. If you need a editing program, we recommend GIMP.

Sample screenshots

WoW Map Viewer in Wowpedia

Maps of unopened areas are not allowed on the wiki and should not take preference over in-game shots. In most cases the only reason to add these images onto the wiki is if the area is quite large and unable to get a good quality in-game screenshot of it. The following images are good examples of how to properly use them.

Sample screenshots