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What are AddOns? How do I install AddOns?
AddOns are Lua/XML files that can modify the WoW User Interface. You can install an addon by extracting its folder(s) into the addons directory:

World of Warcraft\_retail_\Interface\AddOns

How do I develop AddOns? Where can I get AddOns?
Start with Create a WoW AddOn in under 15 Minutes. They can be downloaded from CurseForge and WoWInterface or one of the addon updater clients.

Interface documentation

Interface Customization logo.png

API Reference

Technical Details

Development Resources

GitHub Octocat.png wow-ui-source
GitHub Octocat.png BlizzardInterfaceResources

Townlong Yak

Development Tools

Tutorials (HOWTOs)

  1. Introduction to Lua
  2. Create a WoW AddOn in under 15 Minutes
  3. Using the BigWigs Packager with GitHub Actions


ElinkIcon-youtube.png Mayron: Creating WoW AddOns
ElinkIcon-youtube.png Paul Halliday: World of Warcraft AddOn Development

AddOn Features

Developer Communities





Things you can help out with