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This list of user fun templates can be used to spruce up user pages and provide quick identification for other Wowpedia users.

Creating a new user template

Enter the full title of the template's name into the box (i.e. Template:User foo), then click the "create" button.
Use the documentation on the top of the page to fill in the fields below. Don't touch the category and "HowToTemplate" lines.

Are you looking for templates that show your warcraft status or achievements? See the main list of user templates.


{{User Tinfoil}} {{User OutOfTinfoil}} {{User SurvivedBC}}
{{User NoTakeCandle}} {{User HunterLoot}} {{User Not Prepared}}
{{User Dalaran}} {{User Lordaeron}} {{User Stormwind}}
{{User Gilneas}} {{User Quel'Thalas}} {{User Kiljaeden+Kaelthas}}
{{User Thrall+Jaina}} {{User Illidan+Maiev}} {{User Maiev+Naisha}}
{{User MissesBoat}} {{User MissesZep}} {{User ProGarrosh}}
{{User AntiGarrosh}} {{User ProVarian}} {{User AntiVarian}}
{{User Work}} {{User ProMoira}} {{User Pandamonium}}


{{User IsFish}} {{User Chocobo}} {{User Shoopuf}}
{{User MixMount}} {{User Cow}} {{User Deathwing}}
{{User KillTheMurlocs}} {{User SaveTheMurlocs}} {{User Murloc}}
{{User Pets}}


{{User Bagmaker}} {{User Disenchant}} {{User GnoEng}}
{{User GobEng}} {{User Farmer}} {{User Purplz}}

Race and class

{{User AntiNE}} {{User AntiGnome}} {{User AntiGnomeplus}}
{{User AntiWorgen}} {{User AntiWorgenplus}} {{User AntiHuman}}
{{User AntiDwarf}} {{User AntiBE}} {{User AntiBEplus}}
{{User AntiOrc}} {{User AntiGoblin}} {{User AntiUndead}}
{{User AntiUndeadPlus}} {{User AntiTroll}} {{User AntiElf}}
{{User AntiVulpera}} {{User Except Druids}} {{User BehindYou}}
{{User Pirate}} {{User Bard}} {{User Kaldorei}}
{{User Huntard}} {{User Noracesclasses}}


{{User Arakkoa}} {{User ProDraenei}} {{User NoSpellDraenei}}
{{User ProScholo}} {{User SpellNaxx}} {{User SpellOrg}}
{{User SpellRogue}} {{User SpellTerokkar}} {{User ProStrath}}


{{User Roleplayer}} {{User NoRoleplay}} {{User RPPVE}}
{{User ScourgeRP}} {{User CrusadeRP}} {{User OrcBarbarian}}
{{User AntiThrall}} {{User ProThrall}} {{User Machine}}
{{User IllidariRP}} {{User High elf}} {{User Guardian}}
{{User Defias}} {{User HumanSupremacist}} {{User LegionRP}}
{{User LegionRP2}} {{User KulTiras}} {{User ExplorersLeague}}
{{User Wyrmrest}} {{User RPPVP}} {{User AntiMonarchy}}
{{User AntiSylvanasForsaken}} {{User AntiJaina}} {{User NightElfSupremacist}}

Magic Schools

{{User ArcaneMagic}} {{User FireMagic}} {{User FrostMagic}}
{{User DruidMagic}} {{User ShamanMagic}} {{User GeoMagic}}
{{User FelMagic}} {{User NecroMagic}} {{User ShadowMagic}}
{{User HolyLightMagic}} {{User VoodooMagic}} {{User RuneMagic}}

User wants


{{User WantRunemaster}} {{User WantNecromancer}} {{User WantPotM}}
{{User WantWarden}} {{User WantDemonHunter}} {{User WantWitchDoctor}}
{{User WantRanger}} {{User WantDarkRanger}} {{User WantApothecary}}
{{User WantBarbarian}} {{User WantInscriber}} {{User WantShadowHunter}}
{{User WantBlademaster}} {{User WantBattleShaman}} {{User WantMonk}}
{{User WantTinker}} {{User WantSavagekin}} {{User WantPrimal}}
{{User WantBloodMage}} {{User WantBloodMage2}} {{User WantTemplar}}
{{User WantGnomeHealer}} {{User Want Mojodr00d}} {{User Want Holycow}}
{{User WantBloodelfDruid}} {{User WantDraeClass}} {{User WantSpacedr00d}}
{{User WantDraeneiDruidRatio}} {{User WantDraeneiRogue}} {{User WantHunterMounts}}
{{User TameDruids}} {{User WantHippogryph}} {{User WantBasilisk}}


{{User WantGoblin}} {{User WantHalfOgre}} {{User WantNaga}}
{{User WantOgre}} {{User WantGnoll}} {{User WantNathrezim}}
{{User WantKobold}} {{User WantHighelf}} {{User WantFelOrc}}
{{User WantPandaren}} {{User WantFurbolg}} {{User WantSuccubus}}
{{User WantMurloc}} {{User WantWorgen}} {{User WantWorgen 2}}
{{User WantDrakonid}} {{User WantMur'gul}} {{User WantSatyr}}
{{User WantFelguard}} {{User WantHalfling}} {{User WantTreant}}
{{User WantFelElf}} {{User WantLeperGnome}} {{User WantSatyr2}}
{{User WantGrummle}} {{User WantSethrak}}


{{User WantScarletCrusade}} {{User WantDefiasFaction}} {{User WantEarthenRingFaction}}
{{User WantNewTirisfalCouncilFaction}}

Features and Other

{{User WantDanceStudio}} {{User WantManaTap}} {{User Wants FlyingPMounts}}
{{User TreeNerf}} {{User CanonRPG}} {{User WantHiji}}