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This list of user templates can be used to spruce up user pages and provide quick identification for other Wowpedia users.

Creating a new user template

Enter the full title of the template's name into the box (i.e. Template:User foo), then click the "create" button.
Use the documentation on the top of the page to fill in the fields below. Don't touch the category and "HowToTemplate" lines.

Are you looking for templates that show what you want, perhaps you are looking for silly templates, or ones that show off your RP style? If you are, see the list of fun templates.

Wowpedia Interests and Identification

{{User lore}} {{User War1}}
{{User War2}} {{User War3}}
{{User Casual}} {{User Casual-Dedicated}}
{{User Dedicated}} {{User Hardcore}}
{{User Alt-itis}} {{User PvP}}
{{User PvE}} {{User RP}}
{{User Raid}} {{User LongBreaks}}
{{User PlayBreak}} {{User doesnotplay}}
{{User quit}} {{User WW Addict}}
{{User WW Editor}} {{User WoWTCG}}
{{User WoWMinis}} {{User Editcount}}
{{User WWI08}} {{User theorycraft}}
{{User Discord}} {{User IRC}}
{{User Echoes}}

World of Warcraft characters


{{User Alliance}} {{User Alliance Only}} {{User AllianceAntiUnion}}
{{User Horde}} {{User Horde Only}} {{User HordeAntiUnion}}
{{User X Ally}} {{User All Races}} {{User Neutral}}
{{User NotFactionSnob}} {{User BothFactionsAlliance}} {{User BothFactionsHorde}}
{{User AllianceHorde}} {{User StupidA}} {{User Stupid}}
{{User Aldor}} {{User Scryer}}


The {{User exalted}} template allows you to display your exalted achievement. See the template talk page for list of eligible parameters.

{{User exalted}}


The {{User level}} template allows you to display your achievement of any level (level is the first parameter; example below).

{{User level}} - Used prior to level squish
{{User newlevel}} - Use after level squish
{{User NotLevel80}}


All playable race userboxes are created by passing a race name as the first parameter to the {{User race}} template, like so:

{{User race}}
{{User AllRaces}}


All class userboxes are created by passing a class name as the first parameter to the {{User class}} template, like so:

{{User class}}
{{User AllClasses}}
Class Combinations

It is possible to display both the race and class of a character using the {{User ClassCombo}} template; pass the race as the first argument, class as the second, and, optionally female as the third to use a female icon. Optionally, the level can be passed as the third parameter, thus changing the picture (and the text that appears at mouseover) to match the level. For example:

{{User ClassCombo}}


One or two professions may be combined in a single userbox by using the {{User Profession}} template; pass profession names as parameters.

{{User Profession}}
{{User All pros}} {{User All pros2}}
{{User All professions}} {{User All Cuts}}


{{User female}} {{User male}}
{{User bothgenders}} {{User NonBelievableFemale}} {{User WeirdMale}}


{{User Tank}} {{User DPS}} {{User Healer}}
{{User Off tank}} {{User Dual Spec}}

Warcraft Achievements

Raids completed


{{User Deadmines}} {{User ZG}} {{User Ony}}
{{User MC}} {{User BWL}} {{User AQR}}
{{User AQT}} {{User Naxx}}

The Burning Crusade

{{User Karazhan}} {{User Gruul}} {{User Magtheridon}}
{{User ZA}} {{User SSC}} {{User TE}}
{{User HY}} {{User BT}} {{User Sunwell}}
{{User loser}}

Wrath of the Lich King

{{User Naxx10}} {{User OS10}} {{User Malygos10}}
{{User Naxx25}} {{User OS25}} {{User Malygos25}}
{{User Ulduar10}} {{User TOC10}} {{User Vault10}}
{{User Ulduar25}} {{User TOC25}} {{User Vault25}}
{{User ICC10}} {{User RS10}} {{User Onyxia}}
{{User ICC25}} {{User RS25}}


{{User BH10}} {{User BH25}}
{{User BoT10}} {{User TotFW10}} {{User BWD10}}
{{User BoT25}} {{User TotFW25}} {{User BWD25}}
{{User FL10}} {{User DS10}}
{{User FL25}} {{User DS25}}

Mists of Pandaria

{{User HoF10}} {{User MV10}} {{User TES10}}
{{User HoF25}} {{User MV25}} {{User TES25}}
{{User ToT10}} {{User ToT25}}
{{User SoORF}} {{User SoON}} {{User SoOH}} {{User SoOM}}

Warlords of Draenor

{{User HMRF}} {{User HMN}} {{User HMH}} {{User HMM}}
{{User BRFRF}} {{User BRFN}} {{User BRFH}} {{User BRFM}}
{{User HFCRF}} {{User HFCN}} {{User HFCH}} {{User HFCM}}


{{User ENRF}} {{User ENN}} {{User ENH}} {{User ENM}}
{{User ToVRF}} {{User ToVN}} {{User ToVH}} {{User ToVM}}
{{User NHRF}} {{User NHN}} {{User NHH}} {{User NHM}}
{{User ToSRF}} {{User ToSN}} {{User ToSH}} {{User ToSM}}
{{User ABTRF}} {{User ABTN}} {{User ABTH}} {{User ABTM}}

Battle for Azeroth

{{User UldirRF}} {{User UldirN}} {{User UldirH}} {{User UldirM}}
{{User CoSRF}} {{User CoSN}} {{User CoSH}} {{User CoSM}}
{{User BoDRF}} {{User BoDN}} {{User BoDH}} {{User BoDM}}
{{User EPRF}} {{User EPN}} {{User EPH}} {{User EPM}}
{{User NWCRF}} {{User NWCN}} {{User NWCH}} {{User NWCM}}


{{User CNRF}} {{User CNN}} {{User CNH}} {{User CNM}}

Partial Dungeon Clears

{{User FL10}} {{User DS25}}
{{User FL10}} {{User DS25}}

Looking For Raid Clears

{{User DSRF}}

Heroic Raid Clears

{{User TOGC10}} {{User BoT10H}} {{User ICC10H}}
{{User TOGC25}} {{User BoT25H}} {{User ICC25H}}
{{User BWD10H}} {{User TotFW10H}} {{User DS10H}}
{{User BWD25H}} {{User TotFW25H}} {{User DS25H}}

Titles earned

See the {{User title}} page for the full list of titles.

{{User title}}
{{User titles}}

Mounts Obtained

{{User Epicmount}} {{User Deathcharger}} {{User Tiger}}
{{User RazzashiRaptor}} {{User Talbuk}} {{User Drake}}
{{User Nether ray}} {{User Midnight}} {{User Phoenix}}
{{User BFRam}} {{User BFKodo}} {{User Frostsaber}}
{{User AmaniBear}} {{User Gyrocoptor}} {{User Hawkstrider}}
{{User Spectral}} {{User Crow}} {{User Dreadsteed}}
{{User RedCrystal}} {{User Charger}} {{User Charger}}
{{User Motorcycle}} {{User Motorcycle}} {{User Gryphon}}
{{User Hippogryph}} {{User BlizzardBear}} {{User Horseman}}
{{User Tundra Mammoth}} {{User Proto-drake}} {{User PvPMount}}
{{User SeaTurtle}} {{User VenomhideRavasaur}} {{User Mimiron's Head}}
{{User CCMount}} {{User CrusaderWarhorse}} {{User SilverCovenantHippogryph}}
{{User Quel'doreiSteed}} {{User ArgentMounts}} {{User SunreaverDragonhawk}}
{{User SunreaverHawkstrider}} {{User Celestial Steed}} {{User Invincible}}
{{User GoldenKing}} {{User Kor'kronAnnihilator}} {{User DarkPhoenix}}
{{User Poseidus}} {{User Bloodfang}}

Special Pets obtained

{{User PetPandaren}} {{User Lil' K.T.}} {{User PerkyPug}}
{{User GryphonHatchling}} {{User WindRiderCub}} {{User Lil' XT}}
{{User Tarecgosa}}

WoW Achievements

The {{User achievement}} template displays the achievement set as the first parameter.

{{User achievement}}

Amount of achievements

{{User GeneralAchievements}} {{User QuestAchievements}} {{User ExplorationAchievements}}
{{User PvPAchievements}} {{User InstanceAchievements}} {{User ProfessionAchievements}}
{{User ReputationAchievements}} {{User EventAchievements}} {{User ScenariosAchievements}}
{{User PetAchievements}} {{User CollectionAchievements}} {{User GarrisonAchievements}}
{{User LegacyAchievements}} {{User StrengthAchievements}} {{User 3000QuestAchievement}}


{{User Kalimdor}} {{User EK}} {{User Outland}}
{{User Northrend}} {{User ExploreCata}} {{User Pandaria}}
{{User Draenor}}

Legendary Weapons

{{User Sulfuras}} {{User Thunderfury}} {{User Atiesh}}
{{User Warglaives}} {{User Thori'dal}} {{User Val'anyr}}
{{User Shadowmourne}} {{User Dragonwrath}} {{User Fangs}}

Other Achievements

{{User Bloodsail Buccaneer}} {{User BlizzCon}} {{User AQGates}}
{{User EoH}} {{User EoV}} {{User Deathknight}}


{{User Server}}
{{User Server}}

See talk page for documentation.

World of Warcraft

{{User Vanilla Beta}} {{User WoWCE}} {{User Oldskool}}
{{User BC Beta}} {{User TBCCE}} {{User BC Baby}}
{{User WotLK Beta}} {{User WotLKCE}} {{User WotLK Baby}}
{{User Cata Alpha}} {{User Cata Beta}} {{User CataCE}} {{User Cata Baby}}
{{User MoP Beta}} {{User MoPCE}} {{User MoPDDE}} {{User MoP Baby}}
{{User WoDAlpha}} {{User WoD Beta}} {{User WoDCE}} {{User WoDDDE}} {{User WoD Baby}}
{{User Legion Alpha}} {{User Legion Beta}} {{User LegionCE}} {{User LegionDDE}} {{User Legion Baby}}
{{User BfA Alpha}} {{User BfA Beta}} {{User BfACE}} {{User BfADDE}} {{User BfA Baby}}
{{User SL Alpha}} {{User SL Beta}} {{User SL CE}} {{User SL Heroic}}
{{User SL Epic}}
{{User SL Baby}}


{{User 15thAnniversaryCE}}


{{User Dark Portal}} {{User Grimtotem Reenable}} {{User FixCasterPets}}
{{User Guild Master}} {{User Worldfreak}} {{User MissAV}}
{{User EasyHappy}} {{User EasyAngry}} {{User Miss40man}}
{{User AfraidFuture}} {{User Zalazane's Fall}} {{User Operation Gnomeregan}}
{{User Explorer}} {{User Fanfiction}} {{User Forum}}

User software

{{User IE}} {{User Edge}} {{User Opera}}
{{User Firefox}} {{User Chrome}} {{User Incognito}}
{{User Safari}} {{User Linux}} {{User iMac}}
{{User KDE}} {{User Mac}}