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A list of online sources that can no longer been found, and need to be restored, either through a transcription to Wowpedia or finding an alternative link.


Links that are currently lost or broken, in which restoration is needed.

  • Lost Link - Possible Name


Alternative links that still work in which some of the web pages have been erased.

  • Name - Alternative Link

To Be Transcribed[]

Articles and Website Sections that we need to be transcribed from dead link. Repeats with different "Years Active" represent different versions or variations of the same article or group of articles. This is not all-encompassing, just what we know still needs done.

Article to Transcribe Years Active Original Link Notes or Progress


Articles and Website Sections that have been transcribed from dead links.

Transcribed Article Original Link
Ask CDev (#1)
The Murlocs
The Undead Plague
Battleground Preview
Magtheridon's Lair: An Inside Look
Anatomy of a Monster: Thaddius
Onyxia the Black Dragon
Journey of Brann
The World of Warcraft Bestiary
The Burning Crusade Bestiary
The Story So Far (Burning Crusade)
The Story So Far (Wrath of the Lich King)
The Story So Far (Cataclysm)
Gadgetzan Times
The Warcraft Encyclopedia
Troll Compendium
Warcraft Lore
The World of Warcraft Townhall
The Burning Crusade Townhall
The Characters of Warcraft
WoW Blog
Game Guide and
WotLK Expansion Features
WotLK Classic Expansion Features
Cataclysm Expansion Features
MoP Expansion Features
WoD Expansion Features
Legion Expansion Features
BfA Expansion Features
Shadowlands Expansion Features
Dragonflight Expansion Features

Project membership[]


  • It seems WoW Insider had a select few articles that they made in collaberation with Blizzard or through an interview. These articles, as republished by Blizzard are valid first-sources, even though WoW Insider as a whole is not. ([1], [2], [3])

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