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Policy is a term referring to the processes and rules observed involving the creation, editing, and management of articles on Wowpedia as well as treatment of other users. This is to be distinguished from a guideline which suggests etiquette and practice to make management and presentation of Wowpedia more consistent and streamlined.

Violating a Wowpedia policy will at the very least lead to a page being edited to conform to policy. Edits or new pages that are created that do not conform to a specific policy are subject to change by another user (assuming that change conforms with policy) without expectation of appeal to an admin, as is all content within the site. However, it may also lead to the page being deleted or — for the worst offenses — it may lead to the poster being declared a vandal and become banned or blocked. Treatment of users who engage in destruction of content, harassment, or misuse of content (spam) is also governed by policy.

The following policies have been developed over time; mostly as consensus works between Wowpedia administrators and users. A few are decreed by administrators.

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Wowpedia policies[]

For quicker referencing, the policies also have shorthand links, e.g. "WP:DNP". They are denoted in the list below.

Policy status and phases
The policy governing policies – how to create new ones, how to change existing ones, and how to recall bad ones.

Article policies[]

WP:CAT · The category policy
How to categorize pages, and how to name and categorize new categories.
WP:COPY · The copyright policy
Copyright enforcement and fair use restrictions.
WP:DEL · The deletion policy
Sub-policy: Speedy deletion
How to nominate pages for deletion and when they are eligible for actual termination.
WP:DNP · The do-not-post policy
Sub-policy: Non-disclosure agreement enforcement
Specific items and topics we do not allow on Wowpedia.
WP:EDIT · The editing policy
Sub-policy: Disruptive editing
How to make changes to existing pages – what you actually dare doing without asking everyone first and what you really should ask about first.
WP:EL · The external links policy
What sort of external links are allowed and where to put them.
WP:FANFIC · Fan fiction articles policy
Where to put fan fiction and how to handle it.
WP:IMP · The images policy
What sort of images are allowed and how to use them.
WP:ITEMS · The item articles policy
How to format item pages.
WP:LORE · The lore policy
Appropriate sources of lore on the wiki and how to cite them.
WP:NAME · The article naming policy
How to name articles so that people more easily can guess what to type to get to a particular type of page.
WP:NPOV · The neutral-point-of-view policy
Articles on Wowpedia should approach their subject objectively.
WP:PA/WP:PC The personal article and Player character article policies
Naming and formatting for personal articles and player character pages.
WP:STUB · The stub policy
How to tag pages as stubs and when pages should be tagged as stubs.

Community management policies[]

WP:3RR · The three revert rule
To avoid edit wars, Wowpedia contributors are not allowed to revert someone else's changes too often.
WP:UN · The user naming policy
Types of user names which are disallowed on Wowpedia.
WP:VANDAL · The vandalism policy
What Wowpedia considers vandalism and what we do to vandals. (Not what we would like to do to vandals, though.)
WP:VOTE · The voting policy
Votes completed according to this policy are considered enforceable on Wowpedia.

See also[]

  • Wowpedia:Guidelines for a listing of all Wowpedia guidelines or information on an individual guideline.
  • Wowpedia talk:Policies to suggest new policies or discuss existing ones. You may also do so on the specific policy's talk page.