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Strawberry's Rumored Races Test

By Strawberry (wikified by Xmuskrat)

Since there are so many theories floating around for possible new races in future expansions, I thought I'd create this fun and easy test for anyone with a theory to check their idea against, to see if it's feasible. This is entirely things that are not speculation, and are purely logic-based, so you can rest assured that if your race fails these tests, it can NOT be a new race. (However, it should be said there will likely be several that will pass - so passing doesn't mean "ZOMG I've figured it out!").

Begin Test

Part 1: Logistics

If you answer "no" to any of the following questions, your race fails.

Can your race logically...

  • Be classified as "humanoid"?
  • Wear robes, helmets, pants, and any other item in the game with, at worst, minor alterations?
  • Wield all weapons currently in game?
  • Mount other creatures?
  • Ride the flying creatures (gryphons, etc.) without modification?

Part 2: Lore

It's been heavily implied (logically so) that they aren't making up new races when they already have so many good ones in the lore already. Therefore, if your race is not currently in the Warcraft lore in any way shape or form, your race fails. Also, the more established your race is in the lore (i.e. if they're in the RPG books, have appeared, especially if playable, in previous games, are in print novels, etc.), consider them more likely.

Part 3: Location

If you answer "no" to any of the following questions, you must be able to provide a reason why, and an alternative. If that is not possible, your race fails.

Does your race logically...

  • Have a home on Azeroth, with a major city?
  • Have enough room in areas surrounding their major city to have 2-3 low-level zones? (Not necessarily a requirement)
  • Have, in each of the above zones, a back story and reason for adventuring there, as well as a town our outpost to act as a quest hub in the area?
    • And would all other races in the new race's faction logically have access to these same quest hubs?
  • Have a reason for not entering into the world's conflicts as of yet?
  • Have a good means of, thus far, keeping themselves separate from the world? (i.e. is there a good reason we haven't noticed their new zones up until now?)
  • Have a reason to go to the region being released in the respective expansion?

Part 4: Leverage

The following will help your case, but are not necessary for a race to be chosen. If you answer "yes" to any or all of these questions, consider your case stronger. If you answer no, it likely means very little, but could hurt your case slightly.

  • Will your race bring a new visual style to the faction in some way?
  • Will your race have a reason to do all of your faction’s quests? (i.e. Why would they kill their brethren already in game, if any?)
  • Is your race interesting? Interest is a highly subjective question, but there are qualities that, from most people's perspective, make a race "interesting".
    • Does the race have a solid back story?
    • Do they have their own conflicts that aren't just them being pulled along with other storylines?
    • Do they have their own unique language? Do they have a unique visual style for their art and architecture?
    • Would their city be vastly different than any other city currently in game?

All of these types of qualities will add weight to your argument.

  • Does your race makes good business sense?
    Obviously they aren't going to implement something that's not distinct from other races, or not interesting enough to get people to play it. They WANT people to play the new content, because the more people that are interested, the more money is made.

So the final question, perhaps the most subjective, but still valid:

  • Would you want to play the race you're suggesting?


Try it out on your idea, and see if they pass.

(And yes, I'm aware that Blizzard could alter the world as they see fit, and this isn't really 100% accurate in that respect. However, I hope it will at least spawn some interesting conversation :)