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Server requests are a collection of the main requests for future server and wiki upgrades, and known wiki bugs. This is so that we can organize our wishes and decide upon what upgrades are most required.
We request that before making most additions, please first discuss them on the talk page.

New requests


Presentation admins can't change

No current requests.

Possible and probable bugs

  • Make Special:Editcount, when transcluded, equal the actual number, for use in templates. Right now, it doesn't even equal itself:
{{#ifeq:{{Special:Editcount/Pcj}}|{{Special:Editcount/Pcj}}|Matches|Doesn't match}} Doesn't match
  • Possibly related to this, #urlencode doesn't work correctly when using it with Special:Editcount:
  • Probably because of "Content inside parser tags (such as <nowiki>) is hashed before the parser functions are evaluated, resulting in errors:" http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Extension:ParserFunctions#.23ifeq