The Tournament

It's time for the legendary bosses of World of Warcraft to duke it out and determine who's the biggest, baddest boss around!

Check out the day's match lineup and the tournament bracket below to see what epic battles are happening. Who will win? You decide! Be sure to cast your vote in each battle for a chance to win a daily prize - a SteelSeries wireless mouse and a QcK Mousepad. On November 13th, we'll ring in the new expansion with our championship boss fight and phat loots from SteelSeries for our Grand Prize Winner - grand prize includes the aforementioned mouse, mousepad, as well as a Siberia v3 Prism Headset, and an Apex Keyboard!


End Game Bracket10.png

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

As fans ourselves since release in 2004, we realize that there have been absolutely massive changes to pretty much every aspect of the game since then. Here are 23 of the things we remember most about the “good ol’ days.” So, kick back, relax and enjoy the nostalgic feels!

What's Going on in Game?

Warlords of Draenor is upon us, and an alternate history is being written in the World of Warcraft. Travelling back in time with the aid of Kairozdormu, Garrosh Hellscream prevents his father from drinking the tainted fel blood of Mannoroth, changing the fate of both him and his people. In this alternate universe, steel has replaced fel blood and Grommash Hellscream and the other legendary Orcish chiefs rampage across Draenor unabated.

Not only are there new lore additions within this expansion, but the game has seen massive overhauls with recent updates. Maybe you haven’t played in a while or just haven’t been reading patch notes, but MMO-Champion is keeping us well informed as always! Click on the image below to check out their extensive patch recap and guides!