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This page is an official policy on Wowpedia.

This policy has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow.

  • Feel free to propose any changes to this policy, but please make sure that changes you make follow the official process and reflect consensus on the discussion page before you put them into practice. Any big changes need to be Adopted or Decreed to be enforced as policy.
  • See Wowpedia:Policies for an overview of Wowpedia policies.
  • See Category:Policies for a list of proposed and adopted policy articles.
  • Shortcut: WP:VOTE

When to vote[]

There are two main uses of votes on Wowpedia:

In very rare cases votes may be used for other purposes, and this page details this process.


  • The issue being voted on and action to take are considered a proposal.
  • If the Yes votes win (see constraints below), the proposal is considered accepted.
  • If the No votes win (see constraints below), the proposal is considered declined.

Voter eligibility[]

Voters must be registered users with ten previous edits on Wowpedia. Sockpuppetry is forbidden by the user naming policy and if it is determined that a user is a sockpuppet then their vote(s) will be nullified.

The Voting Process[]

  • The issue being voted on should be clearly identified in the discussion page of the article, and a voting booth created. See "How to start a vote", below.
  • People now have an opportunity to vote. The {{Vote/Talk}} template explains things for the most part.
  • For the decision to be made, the count for the winning side must exceed the losing side by five (5), i.e. 5:0, 6:1, 10:5, etc., and then a waiting period, or vote closing time, of three days must be observed before finally closing the vote and taking the proposed action.
  • Votes must last a minimum of a week (seven calendar days) before they can be closed, in conjunction with the above three day waiting period after the last vote. Essentially, if a vote gains enough votes to close in the first day it should still last a week; and if a vote lasts longer than a week the closing duration of three days should still exist between the winning vote being cast and the vote closing.


  • Yes wins: Once the vote is closed and the Yes votes have won, the proposer should feel free to take the proposed action as accepted with the trust of most Wowpedia users and backing of the admins.
  • No wins: Once the vote is closed and the No votes have won, the proposal is effectively declined.
  • With multiple-choice votes the comparison is made to the closest competitor.

How to start a vote[]

Creating the voting booth[]

Edit the Discussion page of the article:

== Oneliner intro text ==

I would like to .....


This will create a voting booth, and automatically add the talk page to Category:Votes in progress.

Using {{Proposal}} is entirely optional. It has no effect other than drawing people's attention to your proposal.

Drawing attention to your vote[]

First of all, the {{Vote/Vote}} template will automatically place your vote in Category: Votes in progress. However, if you want people visiting the article to immediately take note of the ongoing vote, you can put {{Vote/Note|<oneliner intro>}} in the article itself:

* Should we......(short text)?

If you do not want to explain the vote in the article, you can of course just use {{Vote/Note|<leave blank>}}.

To draw even more attention to your vote, you can show it in the community portal by adding it to Wowpedia:Community portal.


  • For votes regarding an article, the outcome of the vote should be reflected in the article. Reversions to the losing side of the vote will not be allowed and should be considered disruptive editing or vandalism. Such edits may be reverted (to the winning side) by any user and an admin may take action against the offending user per the disruptive editing policy.
  • For more general votes, the outcome of the vote will determine how it should be enforced. Administrators may enforce the vote at their discretion; if there is any question about the results, please consult an admin.