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Project Scope[]

This project is designed to fill in the gaps of uncreated pages whose links exist here: Warcraft III Units. It is also intended to fix the unit links on that page to go to that named unit in Warcraft III's page rather than to that named unit's lore.

Things to do[]

  • Many of the unit links on the Warcraft III units page go straight to the units' lore page. They need to be adjusted so that they go to the units' Warcraft III unit page.
  • Links to non-existant pages need to have pages created for them to link to.
  • List of where the links to these non-existant pages can be found in the article:

Human Campaign


Orc Melee


Orc Campaign


Neutral Passive/Hostile Melee



Neutral Passive/Hostile Campaign


Neutral Naga Campaign





(Note: Articles with a * next to them need links+pages added to them.)

Project Membership[]

Here's a list of current members involved in this project. To become a member, merely go to this page's edit and type *, and next to it a link to your user page, beneath the last member to join. Use my link as a reference.


Project Progression[]

Go to edit, and type * and then anything you did to contribute to this Project. Don't forget to add your signature.

Project Materials[]

For most of the data you need to help with this article, go to

For all new unit pages, use one of the two templates found here: WC3 Unit Template

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