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Welcome to the Watchdog group!

The Watchdogs are dedicated to keeping the wiki on the straight and narrow. Being a member of the group does not require any extra of you, but if you frequently combat vandalism you may find it useful to become part of the group.

Members are expected to have done a fair bit of main namespace editing before joining and to be on good terms with both the wiki's policies and your fellow Wowpedians. Veteran wiki members are encouraged to apply!


Spot the Watchdog

This community team is dedicated to:

Specific tasks

  • You might want to review the Article Management Tags section of Wowpedia:Templates, since you will probably want to use some of them.
  • Scan the new pages list, looking for
    • Obviously misspelled pages and put a note on the Discussion about the misspelling of the name and maybe to use  move  to move it to the correctly spelled name.
    • Page names with mixed case, like "Mount skill". Some of these pages are duplicates of other pages with names like "Mount Skill", so leave a note about that.
    • Page names that do not follow the Wowpedia naming policy.
    • Vandalism or violations of the do-not-post policy.
    • Stubs; marking them as such.
  • Click the  watch  on pages if you want to see if the author/editor responds to your comments. Or, even easier, click the "[  ] Watch this page" checkbox before you save your comments.
  • Use your judgment to leave comments about other things... tons of pages are being added all the time, so focus on pages with obvious problems.

Don't hesitate to ask any questions. You can put them on the Watchdogs Discussion page.


You may be interested in utilizing the Anti-Vandalism Tool (AVT) — see Wikipedia:AVT.

Patroller group

Members of the Watchdogs will also be members of the patrollers wiki user group. This gives two abilities:

  • The ability to use the [Mark as patrolled] link when doing a diff. Your own edits will automatically be marked as patrolled.
  • The ability to [rollback] a user's changes. This will rollback all of those users changes to the last edit by a different editor. This should only be used in cases of vandalism. For more information see Wikipedia:Rollback feature.


Note: All Administrators are members by default.

  1. Morderi (talk · contr)
  2. MyMindWontQuiet (talk · contr)
  3. Ryon21 (talk · contr)
  1. Arrothin (talk · contr)
  2. Benitoperezgaldos (talk · contr)
  3. Sebreth (talk · contr)
  4. Watchout (talk · contr)
  5. Zealvurte-gpuser (talk · contr)