Some thoughts on what Wowpedia is not.

Wowpedia is not affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment

Though we are an official fan site, we are not owned or run by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. Requests for us to add thing to, or fix things in World of Warcraft will fall on deaf ears, as we can not.

Wowpedia is not a forum

While Wowpedia has a Forum, non-editorial discussions on other pages are frowned upon. For general discussion of World of Warcraft, please use the official World of Warcraft Forums. Also, one should avoid styling one's contributions in the Wowpedia articles as forum posts, such as adding first-person sentences and personal remarks to the article. The talk pages should be used for discussions.

What the forums are and are not

The Wowpedia forums are for anything too general for specific talk pages, and for any discussion not fitting on a specific talk page. They were made because users want to discuss lore, and were partly created for community discussions about lore. Also, the Village and Warcraft pumps were overwhelmed and hard to maintain.

The forums were not made to try and compete with other forums. They are also not for general lore discussion, just about editorial discussions, for guides, for posting videos, or for advertising and gold selling.

Wowpedia is not just about World of Warcraft

Though Wowpedia has a focus on World of Warcraft, it is not our only priority. We have articles on all games and media in the Warcraft Universe.

Wowpedia is not Wikipedia nor run by Wikimedia

Wowpedia does many things differently. We do not need pages on very general topics. We are also less bureaucratic, so be bold in editing.

Wowpedia is not fan fiction

We do host fan fiction, but do not insert your fictional ideas into main articles. The content on Wowpedia should be official Warcraft information.

Wowpedia is not biased

All articles should be written from an informative and neutral point of view following the Neutral Point of View Policy.

Wowpedia is not your guild's website

While you can have a guild page on the wiki, do not steal our bandwidth with large amounts of information that requires the page to be updated frequently or is only for members of your guild. See the guild pages policy and Wowpedia:Bandwidth theft.

Wowpedia is not an image hosting site

While we do allow images to be uploaded, uploading galleries of images for personal use is frowned upon as it takes unnecessary bandwidth. Some images can be uploaded for personal use, but only in moderation. Images should be primarily used for main articles.

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