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The game uses a few thousand different icons for spells and items. Each of them is stored within the game files and is accessible on certain database websites such as Wowhead and WoWDB. Almost every icon present in the game has been uploaded, organized and categorized here on the Wowpedia. Icons are categorized mostly by their filename. However, in some cases the filename given by Blizzard developers is inconsistent with others, and in these cases they have been put in what would be the correct category.

As the same icon may be used in multiple places, it is important that icons uploaded on Wowpedia follow the naming convention kept in the game files; see the name normalization section for details.

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Finding an Icon

There are currently two ways to go about finding an icon on Wowpedia.

1. By Category

2. By Directory

Contributing to Wowpedia

Adding Icons to Articles

Alas, not every item, spell, or ability has been matched up with its appropriate icon! We encourage Wowpedians to help match the article to its appropriate icon(s). Using WoWhead and Thottbot are excellent ways to devise the appropriate icon (and even its filename). Users can also browse the item image requests category to see some articles that are cold naked with no icon, and there are even more articles that have not been flagged that need our help.

I want to upload an icon I can't find!

Almost every icon in World of Warcraft has been uploaded and categorized here on Wowpedia. However, should you discover one either in error or missing (please check and double-check that the icon you are attempting to upload does not already exist on Wowpedia), please follow these steps:

To upload an icon, first extract the interface icons from the game data by following the instructions at Viewing Blizzard's interface code#Extracting interface files. Once that is done, go to Special:Upload. Consult the name normalization section below to find an appropriate destination file name. Remember to verify its extension is .png, that its size is 64x64, and that it doesn't already exist. If you do upload an icon, please try to place it in the appropriate category, or if you prefer someone else to categorize it, simply put it in Category:WoW Icons.

If you do not wish to go through these troubles when creating a spell or item page, leave the icon parameter blank and another Wowpedian will eventually update it.

Name normalization

File names of icons hosted on Wowpedia are based on the the file names in the MPQ files; however, several transformations are applied:

Lower case the file name 
Wiki file names are case sensitive, while MPQs are not; this avoids the need to look up "proper" capitalization of an icon file name.
Convert the ".blp" files to ".png" 
WoW icons should be uploaded as PNG images.
Replace any underscores with spaces 
Wiki file names do not differentiate between the two characters; this sets the stage for the next transformations aimed at removing confusing white space.
Replace any occurrences of multiple space characters with a single space character
Remove any space characters appearing immediately before the file extension

In some cases, file names in MPQs may be obviously wrong (typoed, for example); you should still upload the icon to the MPQ-derived filename. In cases where this does not collide with another icon name, you may create a redirect from the "intended" file name to the actual one.

Icons Filename Directory

{{WoW Icons Filename Directory}}

Other icons

    • Aldor 64.png - 64x64 Aldor
    • Scryers 64.png - 64x64 Scryers
    • Shattered Sun 64.png - 64x64 Shattered Sun Offensive
    • Kirin Tor 64.png - 64x64 Kirin Tor
        {{FactionIcon|<Kirin Tor>|<Xlarge>}}