The zone category project works to clean up, properly subcategorize, and rename each zone's category as needed. If you would like to help, simply add [[Category:Zone category project members]] to your user page.

For an example of a completed zone category, see Category:Teldrassil.

Project scope

Reorganize and maintain the category and subcategories for each zone to improve ease of access.

How to help

There are several tasks that need to be completed for each zone category. A detailed description of each task follows. When you complete a task, please note in the Progress section below that it has been completed, and sign your name.

You can also help by adding {{Zone category project}} to the top of the talk pages for each zone category. This tag will automatically add the zone category's talk page to a special category for this project: Category:Zone category project, and will also be a way for people to learn about the project.


Currently zone categories are cluttered by huge lists of monsters, NPCs, and quests which appear in that zone. These articles are being moved to subcategories.

The following subcategories should appear in the main zone category page:

  • <Zone name> subzones
  • <Zone name> NPCs
  • <Zone name> mobs
  • <Zone name> image requests
  • <Zone name> quests

Please make sure that these subcategories are alphabetized by the subject of the category, not by the zone name.


Mobs articles should be moved to the subcategory "Category:<Zone Name> mobs". In addition, any mobs with the "Category:Mobs", "Category:Creatures", or categories such as "Category:Humanoids" or "Category:Beasts" should be modified to reflect their particular type (I. e. "Category:Wolves", "Category:Centaur"). The mob subcategory should go under both the zone category and Category:mobs.


NPC articles should be moved to the subcategory "Category:<Zone Name> NPCs". Make sure the NPC articles are sorting by last name. Move the NPC List page to the NPC subcategory. The NPC subcategory should go under both the zone category and Category:NPCs.


Any hard-coded categories on quest articles should be removed. Make sure the quest box is present and completely filled out to assure proper categorization. In addition, the "Category:<Zone Name> quests" for each zone needs to be put into the zone category.

Clean up

There a few things that need to be checked after the subcategories are complete.

  1. Make sure the subcategories are not using the zone name for alphabetization. For example, we want Category:Teldrassil mobs to go under M, not T.
  2. Make sure the main zone article is at the top of the zone category, for example use [[Category:Teldrassil|]] instead of [[Category:Teldrassil]] for the main Teldrassil page.


Currently zone categories are named using the convention "Category:Zone:<Zone Name>". However, we are working on eliminating all "false namespaces". This means we need to change all zone categories to be simply "Category:<Zone Name>". Please remember to change the zone category's name on all subcategories and pages, and all linked pages (Hint: Use the "What links here" option in the toolbox on the left side of the screen to check). This step is best done last.

Project membership

See Category:Zone category project members for a list of project participants. To be added to the list, simply add [[Category:Zone category project members|{{PAGENAME}}]] to your user page. Please note that should you become inactive within the project for a long period of time, the group may decide to remove this tag from your user page.



Please remember to note when you complete something, and sign.


General cleanup

There are items in Special:Wantedcategories and Special:Categories that will need cleaning up, as well as a variety of categories that are sure to be missed in Special:Prefixindex. The former should be done when and if wanted; the latter, to be done after all the categories listed here are converted.

Of related interest are those at Special:Prefixindex/Category:Faction:.

Zones and such for later

Northrend instances

Zone/Instance Zone/Instance Cat Mobs Items Quests Renamed
Utgarde Keep & Utgarde Pinnacle Category:Utgarde Keep & Category:Utgarde Pinnacle) Done. --Mikaka
Drak'Tharon Keep Category:Drak'Tharon Keep
Culling of Stratholme Category:Culling of Stratholme
Icecrown Citadel Category:Icecrown Citadel Done. --Mikaka
Azjol-Nerub Category:Azjol-Nerub Complete


  1. ^ Old Stratholme isn't done, but moved to a different section.